Sunday, October 12, 2014

Planning Ahead...

Every fall, I start thinking about the new year and the changes I want to make to my business.  Over the past year or so, as my internet presence has grown, I am finding myself working really long hours.  In most areas of my business, I generate at least some income for the time I spend on it....most areas except blogging.

I have never liked ads and over-excessive self promotion in the blogs I follow.  I like the direction my blog is going and want to continue to improve it.  But I have been thinking about simple ways I can create at least a little income to help justify all the hours I put in to it.  I am hoping my readers can help me do this.

Since I am already a big fan of Craftsy and am starting to sell some of my patterns there, I have decided to become an affiliate.  What this means is if you are planning to make a purchase of any of their great classes or products, and you use one of the links on my site, I receive a small commission from the sale.

Right now, I am only planning on posting a button or two on my sidebar and have added an Affiliates page with links and additional information.  I really want my blog to continue to be about me sharing my love of quilting.

If I can start generating at least a little income from my blog, I can start lessening the hours I spend generating income from other areas of my business and share more here...

More tutorials, more tips, more designs!

Here is Craftsy's current promotion.  I hope there is something there you have on your wishlist and make a purchase!

And if you have a blog or website and want to look into becoming an affiliate yourself, just follow this link.

I really do appreciate the support I get from my readers and look forward to the next year.  In the next few months, I will be giving each of you the opportunity to help formulate my plans for next year by sharing what you want to see on my blog.  Thanks again!


Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

Good luck in this new adventure, Cynthia, and I am curious how it will work for you.

Barb N said...

Blogging takes a tremendous amount of time! And your Scrap-a-Palooza is such a nice venue to follow, participate, get ideas, and create beautiful quilts from our stash. Certainly no reason you can't promote products or companies you feel good about! Great move!

Barb N said...

"for" companies (hate it when my fingers don't hit the right keys....)

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