Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Did you Know?

Craftsy is a great place to go for video classes on a variety of crafts - not just quilting.  Over the years, I have purchased numerous classes on quilting, piecing, photography, and even garden design.  I love that I can constantly refer back to them and just watch certain sections just to refresh my memory.

But recently I discovered that Craftsy Unlimited is now being offered.  It is a membership (either paid monthly or annually) that gives you access to over 1300+ classes. 

So not only can you learn some new quilting skills, but you can view unlimited cooking, photography and knitting classes - just to name a few - as long as your membership is active.  There are so many classes to choose from, you could find new inspiration every day.

If you would like to view a bit more information about the program, you can click here.

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Barb N said...

This is so Cool! I signed up as my Christmas gift to myself, and already 'I have taken three classes, including some cooking classes. Plus they have special videos about very interesting quilters. I'd highly recommend it! (Nobody has paid me to say that, lol!)

moosecraft said...

Sweet deal! I started with the quilting videos...and then found so much more on Craftsy! Baking, knitting and gardening to name a few! Looking forward to learning more! :-)

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