Longarm Quilting

This is Pete.  We met in 2007 and we spend practically every day together!  I sure couldn't do any quilting without him.

His big sturdy 12 foot frame allows me to quilt large size quilts easily.

I carry over 100 different colors of solid and variegated threads.  All are high quality Egyptian cotton.  Sometimes I think I love my thread as much as I love my fabric!

Most of what I quilt are allover or end-to-end (ETE) patterns.  With today's quilting styles, I think these work great on most quilt tops.

This one is a pantograph called Popcorn. 

 For a lot of texture, this pantograph called Bishop Fan is a great choice.

I also can do a number of freehand all over or ETE quilting patterns.

There are a number of swirly variations to match the personality of your quilt. I can quilt a style that will match your traditional, contemporary or modern quilt.

Here is a fun simple modern quilting motif.

 I can also design up a custom pattern to fit your quilt.

 I also do custom quilting.  Here is one with a bit of a modern flair.

Here is a more contemporary quilting job I did for a customer who loves texture and geometric patterns.

There are also some very fun border or sashing treatments that can add  interest to a quilt.

My style is usually very simple but I like repeating patterns and a lot of texture.  If you are wanting traditional feathers, I would probably not be a good fit.

Occasionally, I accept jobs for highly custom quilts.  The leadtime on these types of projects may be long depending on my schedule.  I accept these on a case by case basis.  Both of these quilts have been shown at various quilt shows in Oregon.

If you would like to see more pictures of my quilting and other interesting items, you can check out my business Facebook page here.

If you are interested in talking about my longarm quilting services, please contact me and we can discuss specifics.  Thanks for stopping by!!
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