Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Let's Talk Shipping

Before we talk shipping, I want to share another Happy Block finish.  
Just so we have a pretty quilt to look at.

This is happy quilt #65 and it is all about dogs.  My friend Audrey helped me with this one.  She isn't a quilter, but she loves to lay out the blocks on the floor.  I think she did a great job!

On the back are some fun paw print and fun dog prints.  This quilt measures 48 x 56".

Now we can talk shipping...

I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs about shipping.  But I do receive lots of packages. And I see lots of freight charges that I would like to help you minimize.

1. Freight charges are usually first determined by the size of the package and then by the weight.  So try to ship using envelopes if you can.    Reuse some of those plastic or tyvex envelopes you receive in the mail.  If you are using a box, find one that is the exact size you need.  Just squoosh everything in there.  If you need to cut down the box a bit, do so.  Just use lots of tape to make it secure.

2.  If you are worried about wrinkling your blocks, I can always press them.  If you want, give them a spritz of starch and fold them.  If you stack your blocks up and then fold them as one, there are not going to be as many creases.  Also, rather than a zip lock bag, you can use clingwrap (please don't go crazy) to package it up with.  It will keep the water out and the blocks contained really well.

3. Save yourself time (and maybe some costs) by buying your postage on-line.  I like to use USPS Priority Service so things can be tracked.  I also like that I can use their packaging material (boxes and envelopes).  I have an account with them, and I think the freight is a bit cheaper than if I stand in line and buy the postage at the post office.  I can have them pick the package up at my door or just drop it off at the post office.  There is usually a place to skip the line and just drop it off.  

I have also been told about for cheaper shipping rates.  I know a few of you already use this site.  You can compare USPS and UPS on the same screen.  Some of you may find one freight company is cheaper from your location.  I have not used this site but I did go check it out and it looks pretty easy to use.

4.  If you ship often and are worried about packages arriving safely, you might want to see if USPS Informed Delivery is available in your area.  Once you sign up, every day, you will receive an email with a photo of (almost) every piece of mail you are receiving and a list of packages arriving that day.  You can also click through the email to your account and see the status of your outgoing packages.  You will know if I received our package.

I use informed delivery every day.  I can see when one of you take a package to your post office with my address on it.  It shows up on my list.  It also shows up when you buy a label on-line.  I can then watch its location as it travels my way.  It is not always accurate but it is a pretty cool tool.

5.  Fill the box!  If you are sending a box, feel free to send off unwanted thread, orphan blocks, unloved fabric, project leftovers (scraps), and unused bindings.  Usually these added bits don't add anything to the cost of the freight but I can use them to make even more donation quilts.

So that is all I have. Hopefully there are some ideas to make your freight a little cheaper.  If you have anything else to add, leave a comment.

Thanks so much!



Momma Llama said...

Great suggestions on shipping. With costs rising, tips for savings are so valuable.
I like the idea of Saran Wrap instead of Ziploc Bags. I will certainly share this with my quilting friends, and family too.
Enjoy each and every day.
Sunshine and Smiles,
Donna Weeks (aka Momma Llama)

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

That's so cool that you can see the packages we are sending winging their way to you. :) said...

These are all great ideas and yes, the shipping costs are out of control!! I'm trying envelopes now but not sure it's saving me money. Thank you for all the great tips. Anything to save costs while we're sewing for charity just lets us buy more fabric!!! So thanks!! LOL

Holly in Indiana said...

I use USPS my own boxes. Check the cubic which is much cheaper. They figure it for you. I. It’s Regional Shipping, this took its place and states we are getting commercial rates by using it. Create an account, its very easy.

Kate said...

A very fun quilt with the dogs. Thank you for the shipping tips. It has gotten so expensive to ship. One of my big issues has been damaged boxes. I've gotten a few recently that have been completely torn open. So far nothing has been lost out of them, but what do they do to these boxes?

Nancy in Indiana said...

Thank you so much for sharing this information! I wasn't aware of a lot of it, and it will be helpful when I package up my next set of blocks. said...

That is a cool feature of USPS I did not know. Thanks for sharing!

Anne said...

Cynthia-the shipping info is much appreciated for any purpose. I learned a few things and appreciate the time you took to share it!

Anne said...

I did not know about informed delivery. We have rural route delivery and encounter delays often. I will inquire about this. Thanks.

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