Many Hands and Many Hearts

Since the start of the pandemic, I have been evaluating what is important to me and what I want to focus my time on in the future.  That is why I decided to contact my local hospital to set up a quilt donation program.  Their Volunteer Coordinator will be my contact - the Sacred Heart Medical Center will be the recipient.

So at the beginning of 2023, I started a block drive here on my blog.  Every three months, I will announce a new block(s) design and my readers can make blocks to send to me if they like.  You can read more about the schedule here.

 If you are curious, these quilts will be supporting multiple programs at Sacred Heart Hospital.  They will be used in the palliative care program - both in-house and at-home.  There is also a family housing program (similar to a Ronald McDonald house) where comfort quilts will be given to the children.  If there is enough stock, clergy and social workers can also request a quilt for someone who could benefit from one.  My goal is to be sure there will always be enough stock!

Ways you can help:

Make and Donate blocks

Donate large cuts of fabric for Backings

Donate completed quilts

Use my affiliate links when purchasing from Connecting Threads, Fat Quarter Shop or AccuQuilt.  The commission I make helps fund the purchase of thread, batting and backings.

Donate money directly to my Paypal account (KeepOnScrapping) or the GoFundMe fundraiser (see below).  These funds will also be used to purchase necessary thread, batting and backings.

(If you need my address to send some blocks, email me at cynthiabdesigns at gmail dot com.)


Here are the drives so far:

June 2024 - August 2024
Autumn Two Step Block

Current Block Drive

March 2024 - May 2024
Churn Dash for Veterans

Block Drive has ended. You can read the drive statistics here.

Block Drive has ended.  You can read the drive statistics here.

Block Drive has ended. You can read the block drive statistics in this post.

Block Drive has ended.  You can read the block drive statistics here.

Block Drive has ended.  You can read the block drive statistics here.

                                              This block drive has ended.  You can read the stats here.

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Thanks so much!

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Susan said...

I hit a bad spell with the chemo and didn't get the last batch to you. I expect you can use them somewhere, so I'm sending them on. I hope to get some of the new ones done, but not counting on it.

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