Sunday, January 13, 2013

Big Modern

Recently, I had a tremendous amount of fun quilting on a big king size modern quilt.  With lots of white space, there was ample room to play with textures and patterns.  As it was very asymmetrical, it was a bit of a challenge to have the patterns flow but in the end, it all came together and was loved by the customer!

The customer wanted very modern, geometric quilting so I knew I was going to get some practice in on tight fills.

But to really work the eye, I also wanted to have some open spaces.

Of course, Clamshells had to be fit in somewhere....

I really tried to fill this quilt with quilting to make the eye travel. I even literally quilted pathways!

Caution...exploding blocks!

Love the effect of them surrounded by all the various straight line quilting.

......can you tell I had fun!

The quilt is SO big, I was unable to get a photograph of it in its entirety.  But I do know it will be shown at the EMQG February meeting and will be displayed at the Pioneer Quilter's Show here in Eugene in April.  I'm sure I will have more pictures to share of it in the future.

I don't always show pictures of my quilting here on my blog.  If you would like to see more, my Facebook page is where I usually feed these types of photos to.  You never know what will be next!


  1. I love the quilting that you have done on this. The variety is fantastic. Thanks heaps for visiting my blog

  2. Love your wonderful, bold, modern quilting. I found you through FMQ Friday, yay!

  3. Your quilting has given the white space so much texture. Great job!

  4. What a variety of patterns and textures. The quilting makes the quilt a show stopper.

  5. So many fascinating patterns playing off each other. This must be stunning to see in its entirety. I'll definitely check out your Facebook page!

  6. Beautiful quilting and I love all the different patterns!

  7. I absolutely love the quilting you've done on this! Do you mind if I take a couple of ideas and see if they work on a quilt I need to FMQ? I'm loving the circles on the lines in particular.


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