Thursday, January 31, 2013


I recently had the opportunity to play with "pebbles" on a modern quilt.  I have used them in the past as a fill in blocks, borders and even sashing but have not had a good candidate to pebble an all over texture.  Julie's cross quilt using the Zen Chic line from Moda was perfect.

  First, I marked the locations for two big swoops of echo stitching  on the quilt before I loaded up the top.  I wanted them at a slight angle to mimic the angles in the blocks.  Once I quilted down to the chalk marks, I quilted in a couple lines of echo stitching then went back and filled in pebbles down to the top line.

  I then quilted about 6" of echo stitches.

Then continued on with more pebbles.

I found I liked the look of looser quilting on the pebbles.  I also liked seeing circles and ovals of all different sizes.  The texture was wonderful.

It was a ton of fun to quilt but I really went through the thread.  I was very glad I had more than one cone to work with...I was constantly filling bobbins.

And I was even pleased to see that one of the swoops fit perfectly across the inset of blocks in the back.

Today I am back to more traditional quilting.  I love that I get to work on so many great quilts and I am stretched in so many directions.  I have the perfect job!


  1. Great dimension Cynthia! The quilting really compliments the modern design.

    1. Thanks Jenny! Got your pics today. Thanks for sending them to me.

  2. You quilting is divine! And the quilt is awesome, I think I might have to add one to my list of to do's!

  3. Gorgeous. Your quilting choice is the perfect compliment for this quilt.

  4. The combination of the curved echoed lines an the pebbles is beautiful. A true complement to the quilt.

  5. I love this. I may borrow the echos and pebbles for a baby quilt soon. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  6. What a wonderful quilt! I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog - pass it on if you like!

  7. I am totally IN LOVE with that quilt and your stitching!!!!! I want to drop my current projects and head for one like that......awesome and I so love pebbles of all shapes, too!!!! Wonderful job!!!! Hugs, Doreen

  8. I have added your blog to my "Reader" list so I can keep up with your wonderful blog!!!!

  9. This is an exciting quilt. Not sure how anyone could not be cheered when cuddling with this one. I like the swoops; they looks great next to the pebbles.

  10. your pebbles are really cute :)


  11. Love LOVE the quilting. Seriously beautiful!

  12. I love your quilting! The pebbles and the curvy lines give such lovely texture!


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