Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Stash

Happy Sunday?!  Okay, under our recent weather circumstances, I might be a bit sarcastic in my tone.  After all the snow and the ice, here in Eugene we are finally warming up and able to assess some of the damage.

The first big casualty landed perfectly between my fence and my house. The tree was so frozen, it just shattered when it hit the ground.

Unfortunately, this was just the beginning...

All night long, throughout the neighborhood, you could hear branches break and trees fall. I don't think many of us got a lot of sleep.

Thankfully I didn't loose power but there are many more messes to clear once the snow and ice melts.

As this is what is currently in my driveway, I don't think I will be going any place for a bit.

The trees right above are still full of ice and a bit treacherous to be working under.

My only damage came from a tree in my neighbors yard.  I feel quite fortunate as many of my neighbors woke up to trees falling on their homes.

I really hope we are nearing the end of our winter.  Can we please have our rain back!

So after a quick tour of the yard, I came back in, kicked off my snow boots and made myself feel better by petting some of my recent fabric buys!  So many new pretties!

Some lovely grays and turquoises to work into my Sew Kitschy wallhanging.

(And my new Fiesta pitcher that a friend bought me for my new kitchen....I love it!)

Here are some of the tangerine orange pieces I also picked up.

Okay, this stack makes me really happy!

And there were a few other little pieces that found their way home with me.

Okay, there were some really big pieces...

but I need these linens!  Petting them and thinking of all the possibilities helps me to forget the mess I have to deal with outside!

As I pet and put these fabrics away, I realize I have purchased about 15 yards of fabric for a 40" wall hanging!  Okay now I am smiling....Gee, I hope it is enough!

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  1. Oh No! A few years ago we had an ice storm that did the same thing to about 15 of our Japanese Maple trees. So sad - we didn't know to try to shake the snow out of the trees before the limbs became too heavy and snapped. You keep that storm down in Oregon!
    Stay warm!

  2. Love your fiesta wear! They always make great pics. Hope your weather improves. It gets a little scary when it starts falling on your house!!!

  3. I can totally sympathize with you and your neighbours. We have had two ice storms like that. Your way of dealing with the destruction seems to be just what you needed! 15 yards of fabric for a 40" wall hanging? Gee... I hope it will do!

  4. I think you probably have enough!! Your tangerines, grays and turquoises are just yummy! And I still love your fiesta pitcher!

  5. I'm sorry you are dealing with winter, winter, winter. My (deceased) husband's family lives in the Portland area and they are gritching on Facebook about winter. One of his sisters is a quilter. So, get busy with quilting, my dear. I love your Fiesta pitcher. I grew up with Fiesta. My brother has it now and I have new Fiesta. I love it. Check with your city. We get ice storms from time to time here in OK - we can drag LARGE limbs to the curb and the city will take them - normally we have to cut them to 3-4 ft sections. It may take them some time to get to them, but that's better than having to cut them. I was the only one on my street who did that this year and I thought the city had forgotten about me and one day - YEAH! They were gone. Just a suggestion. Your fabrics are beautiful and I hope they brighten your day.

  6. Your poor trees! My ds in Beaverton has been housebound since Thursday, which is bad because he's such a bachelor student that he literally didn't have any food in the house except the chili I sent home with him at Christmas and a jar a peanut butter. And a bit of humus. No bread or crackers. Silly boy. Hope things begin to melt today.

    Love your fabrics! I have an antique Fiesta pitcher the same color and love it! Come on Spring!!!

  7. This storm has been a pain! Fortunately, I haven't seen any downed trees in my neighborhood but the freezing rain sure makes it difficult to get around. I love your fabric stacks - so pretty! Is that Essex yarn dyed I spy in your photo?

  8. Oh this reminds me of the October storm of 2006 in my area (Buffalo NY area), only we had 14 inches of snow to go along with falling tree limbs and power outages, which we did experience. We lost a lot of food in fridge and freezer, but we were able to keep the beer cold in the snow!! (critters don't bother with the beer . . .)

  9. Wow! That's real winter! Here in Germany it's so warm all time long (~+10°C at noon), so there is no winter feeling at all. Hope it's getting warmer at your area soon!
    I love your new fabrics!!! I'm curous to see what will be made of them!

  10. We had a couple of storms last year that did that with our trees. One of our trees lost about 1/4 of itself. You can't tell so much in the winter but the summer there's this giant chunk out. I'm glad you can assuage your time and cold with fabric :)

  11. Saw the weather reports for your area last week and didn't think that was "normal" -- ice is the worst. In NE Ohio we've had quite a bit of snow and very cold -- 49 days below normal so far this winter -- I'm staying cocooned in my studio -- piecing up a storm!

  12. Really, the only thing I haven't liked about this storm is that I could not make it to your house Cyndy, to bring my quilt top!!! I am sorry though that so many people in our area went without electricity for several days...

  13. wow, I am so sorry about your ice storm :(
    looking forward to seeing your sew kitschy hanging, i bet it will make up for it ;)


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