Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sassy Triangles - Cut!

Did you catch that in a moment of weakness, I joined in on the Triangle Quilt-Along at The Sassy Quilter?  As I was cutting triangles late into the night, I was rethinking my decision a bit but I am sure once I get into the sewing, I will feel much better.  Cutting these specialty shapes are not how I like to spend my time so I am very happy the bulk of them are finished.

Of course I am going with a very scrappy look and came up with some old fabrics I found in my stash.  I have made a quilt or two in the past with these orchids, acid greens, grays and blacks and really liked how they turned out.  I think this pattern will be perfect for these colors too!
I am cutting a larger triangle than Paula suggested and will be selectively cutting more once I get a pattern up on the wall.

One thing I notice about a lot of these specialty rulers is they really slide around on you.  Over the years, I have tried many different notions to help with accuracy and my favorite are the sticky backed sandpaper dots.  They don't obscure the lines much and really help to grip the fabric.  When I can't find my supply of them, in a pinch I have even made my own with a paper punch and some glue.


So many quilters are sewing along so it has been fun seeing everyone's fabric choices.  I think there will be over 100 sites linking up here.  Be sure and check it out if you have a chance!


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  1. Beautiful fabrics Cynthia! I keep saying I'm going to sit this one out but........it sure looks like fun!!

  2. sassy triangles lookin good!

  3. I like your fabrics! I have my fabric ironed with spray starch, but haven't cut them out yet. Maybe tonight. You are good motivation for me - thanks!

  4. You're going to have fabulous triangle quilt! Can't wait to see it! Thanks for the sandpaper dots tip and especially about making your own! I know some of my triangles are not just right and I probably need to not use them. I was trying to cut out 4 or 5 layers to save time and that ended up being counter productive.

  5. I really love your color choices! I went with the ruler method of cutting out the triangles last night and noticed less slippage than with the specialty shaped rulers. It's going to be fun seeing all these quilts come together over the next weeks.

  6. I know, I've toyed with joining as well :)

  7. Good idea with the sandpaper dots because I'm experiencing ruler slippage as well. I'm glad that you've got most of your triangles done!

  8. Great colors! I really like the large scale flower, that should be a nice accent in this quilt. Glad you joined in the quilt-along.


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