Friday, October 2, 2015

Playing with Leftovers...Again

Leftover scraps and orphan blocks are like little treats for me.  I get a lot of satisfaction making something pretty from fabric that would normally find its way to the trash.    In fact, my friends know to ask before presenting me with these treasures because I will usually drop everything and start playing right away.

Here is an in-process shot taken with my phone late at night as I played around with some pieces.  I just start putting the pieces up on my design wall and let the quilt make itself.

Here is the finished quilt a few days later...all quilted and bound!
I am happy to say I found a place for almost all of those pieces.  I even used those odd shaped triangle pieces for a border detail.  All of the other fabric came out of my stash.

A pretty Kaffe Fasset rose print and some berry colored shot cotton worked beautifully for the backing.

It was fun to puzzle out putting all the pieces into a lovely quilt with just the items I had on hand!

 If you feel like this quilt is a bit of a deja-vu, it is very similar to a quilt I finished back in May.  
Same friend, same fabrics.  

Hey...I just realized my friend is doling out my treats!

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  1. I've been lurking to see the quilt with the Jacobs rose print, LOL. I love it as a backing Cynthia. And the front of the quilt once again shows your genius for turning trash into treasure! It turned out great!

  2. It is fun playing with someone else's leftovers. This turned out darling!

  3. Lovely! What wonderful friends you have, and great inspiration too!

  4. I'm a Kaffe nut, so this quilt is gorgeous! And how fun that it was made from scraps and left over pieces. Just beautiful.

  5. I need to meet your friend. Ahem, seriously she is giving away some amazing goodies. Love the rich deep dark colors and you surely give them a second life - beautifully!!!

  6. This is a great pattern. Did you make it up? Great job!

  7. Wow - I want some friends like yours!! It's so satisfying making things from bits and pieces others would throw away isn't it? You have done a wonderful job on this quilt - it certainly doesn't look like leftovers!!

  8. Glad to know I'm not the only one that drops everything to see what is in the gifted goody bag.

  9. Such spectacular fabric choices of color you chose for this project! I really like it. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  10. It looks fantastic. You obviously find a lot of joy in creating from scraps, and it is so fun to get to observe. :)

  11. Both are so pretty. Great backing too.

  12. That is a pretty awesome quilt for just having used leftovers. I am so inspired to be a little more inventive with mine! LOVE the little triangle details in the border.

  13. Delightful quilt! I'm trying to sew quilts from my stash this year (with the exception of a few vital purchases!) so this post really appeals to me. Great pattern and the backing is delicious :)

  14. Love both of these quilts Cynthia! LOL as to "doling out my treats"...guess she's making you really work to turn her trash into treasure! I particularly LOVE what you did with those odd-shaped triangles turning them into border sections, just fantastic!

  15. Those really are beautiful quilts! I love seeing how you puzzle things out and end up with something amazing!


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