Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Some Splendid Progress

I am still making blocks for my Splendid Sampler quilt.  I need to settle on a layout soon as I might be getting close to having enough blocks completed.

I am being very choosy about the blocks I am completing.  And some I am not quite making the exact block but a version that better highlights the fabrics I am using. 
I like that I am making this sampler my own!

This block was paper-pieced and really threw me for a loop.  I can't even count how often I had to get my seam ripper out for this little block.  Consequently, I think it got a bit stretched so the points don't all match.
Don't look!  :)

This block was designed to have little circles appliqued in the squares.  I decided to simply fussy cut some fabrics to get a similar effect.  So much easier!

I really love this block for its simplicity.  I was really able to showcase  the fabric on this one.

This block is from the Quiltmaker sampler series.  I really like the pieced blocks over those that are appliqued or embroidered.

 So I only added these four blocks over the month of October.  I have a few designs bookmarked I didn't complete if I need to go back after they are all released and make a few more for my quilt. 

The end to this project will soon be here!

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  1. Great blocks! I really like the #2 where you have done a spot of fussy cutting!

  2. I love these blocks!
    So bright and interesting!

  3. I have done a few of my Splendid Sampler blocks this week too. Good to see your fabrics

  4. Gorgeous fabrics and brilliant colours!

  5. Love your fabrics Cynthia, it is so so vibrant. Can't wait to see it all together.

  6. Those are always so pretty! I really like the way the first block looks woven. I didn't even notice the places where the points don't match - so many blocks are made that way on purpose these days! Can't wait to see how you will put those together!

  7. Yes, the sampler should be your own! Putting our ideas and personality into our quilts is part of the fun.

  8. I love your fabric choices! And you're still making Splendid Sampler blocks...good for you.

  9. Bright and fun blocks. I really like your fabric choices.

  10. Of course I love the fabrics you are using for your sampler. I have not been doing it so have lost track of the blocks. I really like the first one. Is there link to a tutorial for that block?


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