Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Scrappy Plus Blocks

I am so pleased to already share my stacks of Charming Plus blocks!  Each block is 9 .5" square.  I have some lime green, turquoise blue and sunny yellow plus symbols set in all sorts of black and white prints.  I have made 42 blocks so I should end up with a 54 x 63" quilt top.

Now I just need an empty design wall so I can lay these out and sew up the rows!

Are you sewing along with Tisha at QuiltyTherapy and participating in her Charming Plus Quilt Along? 
If so, what colors are you using?

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  1. I always enjoy seeing your fabric/color pairings. They look so great and challenge me to be a little bolder. Look forward to seeing this one finished up.

  2. looks great! I'm making one, too, but have been a bit slower... (besides working on about 17 other projects...ha!) mine are big squares- 5", but I'm planning on making seveal queen size quilts. I did do a couple pix on instagram...

  3. I picked a multi colored print and pulled brown, grass green, and turquoise from it. I'm 80 blocks in, 20 to go!

  4. Fun colors, Cyndy! I am still cutting, but have been focused on quilting my Nighttime Blossoms this week, so I figured I could go slower on the newer project. Lol! I'm looking forward to seeing your design!

  5. T.hey are such cheerful fabrics. It will be a darling quilt.

  6. Lots of pretty scraps! It's going to be very charming (sorry couldn't resist).


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