Sunday, January 12, 2020

Oh Scrap! : Green Strings

The color green was assigned to the month of January for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, so I have been working through the scraps in that color.

Thanks to a number of recent quilts that used gren, my scraps are pretty slim for green.  I did have a bunch of strings in green and teal so I thought I would make some quick 12" string blocks.

Here is one of my little secrets, I use fabric foundations for my string blocks.  There seems to be no shortage of thin, very vintage fabrics in people's stash that can be found on the "free" table at quilter's gatherings.  As long as my strings are darks or medium in tone, these are what I sew my strings to.  

It makes for a very interesting backside of my quilt tops!


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  1. I think string blocks look great in one color. I'll have to try some.

  2. Well played, Cynthia. I used some old whites from my mother's stash that aren't that white anymore as a foundation for my string block. Thanks to you now I know what to do with the very thin fabric I never want to use in my quilts. ;^)

  3. I like your strings very nice selection of greens for these

  4. Great idea for your foundation sewing. Recycle and re-use. ☺

  5. No foundation fabrics like that here and I don't go to quilter gatherings to pick any up. I used to use cheap muslin or old sheets for foundations until I ran out of those. Now I use paper so I don't have to buy anything for fabric foundations.

    No matter how the are made I love string quilts!

  6. Your green and real string blocks are a pretty combination! Any plans for them or just going to make them in different colors for some months? Enjoy your Sunday, Cyndy!

  7. That's a very good idea using lightweight fabric from your stash. It becomes a truly scrap quilt in every way!

  8. SEW many GREEN scraps in those String blocks, Cynthia! Thanks for sharing your "dirty little secret", too. I actually just cut up an old shirt last night in order to start a String block for Covered in Love.

  9. I've never thought of using actual printed fabric for string piecing. I don't usually do much foundation sewing but will look at older stuff with new possibilities now. Have fun playing with all those strings.

  10. String block are just the best, aren't they? I love all the diagonal motion they bring to a quilt. I blow hot and cold about fabric foundations. On the one hand, they tend to make my quilts heavy. On the other, they work really well to stabilize the whole shebang! I just got a big chunk of some really thin cotton/poly blend as part of a mixed lot of fabric. Maybe I'll try that. Do you ever use anything with poly in it like that?

  11. Love your string blocks! However, I do have a question. You talked about a 12 inch block. Are each of the little blocks 12" or will they be 12" when you put 4 of them together? Thanks so much for sharing your know-how. I have learned so much from you!

  12. Thanks for sharing your tip about the string block stabilizer. IT is a good idea for sure!

    Enjoy your "green" January. I am enjoying my white one (snow).

  13. That's brilliant!!!! I have a bunch of fabric that came from a relative's stash that I haven't had the heart to throw out but don't want to use. This is the perfect solution!!!

  14. I love your idea of using vintage fabric for foundations. Does the quality of the vintage fabrics matter? In other words, can we use quilt shop fabric on the front, and cheapy stuff as the foundation? Will that work or will it cause problems with one fabric shrinking more than the other?

    Would love to get your take on this when you have time!

  15. I just find that you also have a linky party. I linked up! Only one house left though. When does yours start and end?
    I am loving the green.
    Your string blocks being back memories as that is what I did with soscrappy for 2018. Last year I did 4 patches. This year I am focusing on my hexagons with each month's color.

  16. Thanks for the heads up on using older fabrics for string blocks, I have no shortage of fabrics I could use when I make more strings.

  17. I love your string blocks! They inspired me to try some yesterday, but I think my foundation was too thick, so I'll look for thinner fabric today. They are kind of addictive!


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