Friday, April 3, 2020

The Last One

I can finally share the last of the seven Covered In Love quilts!
The photos are right here on my camera...

But first let's review all the previously made ones.

Here was the first one - there were a number of blocks that were predominately green and purple so I grouped them all together to make the above quilt.

For the second finish, I went with this asymmetrical design.  Each of these quilts were made with a 5 x 6 layout of 12" blocks so it was impossible to have a center.

I really liked this third finish.  I thought this lightning bolt design was a whole lot of fun.

Another obvious finish was quilt number four. 
 I went with a simple diagonal design across the quilt.

For quilt number five, I used a combination of two previous layouts and made this one.  It has the white plus blocks and the lightning bolts all in one quilt!

The sixth finish is very similar to the second one.  I simply shifted over the design to create an offset diamond.  This one was another of my favorite designs.

And the seventh quilt?  Um, I shipped it off to Kat before I took a photo I guess because there was nothing on my camera.  

Luckily I had this one I took when I had the blocks laid out on the floor of my sewing room.  I often do that when I am sewing together a more complicated layout in case I lose my place.  This layout is kind of an illusion and thankfully I was sent some perfect blocks that allowed me to fade from light to dark.  It is definitely an unusual layout but I was running out of ideas.

Maybe Kat will share a photo of this quilt.  I wanted to get them sent off as we were all starting to shelter because, really, who knows what the future brings.

A big thanks to all of you who contributed to Kat's block drives.  If you don't see your blocks in these quilts, I think Kat is also working on some. 
And if you want a link to the block pattern it is here.

There is also instructions on Kat's blog for a new block.  You can find that here.

If you want to share your favorite layout below in the comments, that would be great!

I hope all of you are staying home and safe.

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  1. I was running out of ideas too and couldn't figure out what the 7th would look like. You did a great job. Looking forward to see more pictures once it is back home. ;^)

  2. I adore this block and the quilts it makes! Gorgeous!

  3. So fun to see different layouts. The yellow/red HST's really give a nice frame and make the pattern pop.

  4. They are wonderful, Cynthia. It was a treat to see them all together; it's hard to pick a favorite! I hope you stay well.

  5. Beautiful quilts, amazing how many patterns can appear from a same block!

  6. Oh no! I also got on a hurry and took these to the hospital already. I was worried about getting a shelter in place order and being shut out of the hospital. I normally take my own photos of every quilt but with all the rain I wasn't able to get it done in time, and since yours were so good I decided I would just direct people to your blog. Sorry! This is the coolest design, I am really glad you got a picture of it partially done.

  7. I love them all! How neat that you could come up with 7 different designs. These quilts are going to bring 7 families lots of comfort!

  8. I couldn't possibly choose a favorite, Cynthia. I am SEW in love with them ALL!!! Thanks again for helping Kat with the mountain of blocks she sent. You transformed them into SEVEN sensational quilts!

  9. Big loves for all who contributed! How special. :)

  10. Oo, tough to choose a favorite! I think I like the simple diagonal the best. Clean and classic. But they are all so wonderful...not just the layouts, but your quilting really brings them to life! :)

  11. I love all the layouts and the colors just make the layouts pop.
    I use my camera all the time to make sure I don't mix up rows, but I still mess up sometimes. ;)

  12. Lovely finishes. I do like the colours you have chosen.

  13. Amazing how you were able to come up with so many different layouts! I think my favorite is 1, and 5, and 3, and 4....How can one possibly pick just one?! Congrats on making so many and for making each one different!

  14. That is so cool to see all the different layouts!! they are all so great!

  15. It's amazing how moving blocks around changes the whole effect. I really like #7! I will have to try that.

  16. What a bunch of wonderful, interesting and different quilts!


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