Wednesday, June 10, 2020

What a Mess!

This is my first post in the new blogger format.  It took me forever just to find the button to make a new post.  I am already expecting a bumpy ride!

I finished another vote block for my newest project.

Talk about a mess!  I started with the "LOVE" paper piece pattern by Diane Bohn.  The word Vote and Love are extremely similar  -  I just needed to change the L to a T.  
The pattern is easy enough - the mess was my own creation.

I prepared for this block like I do for any block.  I grabbed a couple chunks of fabric and immediately got to sewing.  I had a clear vision in my mind of what I wanted the finished block to look like but I really didn't think through the details. 
 I ended up with something different than my vision.

I tried to live with my choices and the resulting block but I am really quite unhappy with it.  I could maybe take my seam ripper to it and try to make it better - but it will never be the block I originally wanted.

So I pulled another background fabric and just went back to the beginning.  Yep, I started anew.  I identified the changes I needed and am so pleased with my new block.

My first block was just too chaotic. The letters all ran together and the message was difficult to read.

Voting is important so I want the message to be clear.

The politicians we vote into office should also be meeting our expectations. 
 Use your voice and vote to make sure our country is governed by people we can be proud of.

We can do this together!

BTW - I made it through the new Blogger format.  
But it sure takes a lot more steps to get things done!


  1. Although I didn't see anything wrong with the first block, I can see that the second one is easier to read. Voting is important and should be easy so there is a lesson there. (I am watching the news about voting machines in Georgia right now so this is appropriate).

  2. Voting is important. Sorry to hear about the blogger issue. I heard there were changes, but I've put my head in the sand. Guess I better go find out what's up.

  3. I don't use blogger so I'm glad I don't have to figure it out -so many of you do use it and heard a lot of people not happy

  4. I've been avoiding a post for just that reason. They seem to make "upgrades" for no real reason and it just makes it harder to post. Almost like they want us to go post somewhere else. Hmmm...

  5. Brilliant to change the L to a T to get to Vote from Love.

  6. Amen, Sister! Vote! Vote! Vote!

  7. Your Vote block looks great! I agree, the second try is easier to read. Your city of Eugene made NPR this afternoon with a segment on its crisis response team that responds to many 911 calls in the city which police are not needed for. It was really interesting and sounded like a good thing!

  8. Very cool blocks!
    Very brave to tackle the new blogger... you did great!

  9. Yes! The second block is easy to read and sends the message loud and clear. I kind of wish we could vote tomorrow!
    I tried the new blogger format for my last post. All was going well until I tried to upload photos from my computer. They just wouldn’t come up. I went back to the old platform, and it worked to finish, except that I had a hard time convincing the platform that I did NOT want to publish in the tiniest size font. Who knows what happened. I’ll try the new format with a little post again, because rumor has it that I might be able to write posts on my phone or ipad, I think? And that would be awesome.

  10. Sometimes starting fresh is the best solution, Cynthia.

  11. When the message is that important, sometimes you just gotta regroup and get it right! :)

  12. Yes, please vote for a less angry, less rude and much happier president.

    Antoinette (NL)

  13. I cannot wait to vote!!! I gotta say I like the first block, but can see how the second one is easier to read! You are so right on our voting responsibility! I'm scared to convert to the new blogger format...

  14. Simple, but strong message! Hear, hear!

  15. I'm dreading and putting off the moment of trying the new Blogger format but I shall have to take the plunge sooner rather than later!

  16. Love this! And I do like the version with more space between the letters so it's easier to read. A very, very important message, always!


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