Friday, September 22, 2017

Wiggle Time, Scraps and a Pattern Sale

Not too long ago, I put out a call to swap some scraps.  Not only did I find a taker for the swap, but there were also generous quilters that had too many pinks and yellows and just wanted to send me scraps so I wouldn't run out.  A big thanks to Nann, Julie and Rose.  Now I have nice full color bins so be prepared for some pink and/or yellow quilts!

Right off the bat, I decided to put some of those pink scraps to work.  I fell in love with this daisy print with the pink background.  I received a nice big chunk of it and it inspired me to get sewing.

I really don't have any little girl quilts right now, so I decided to make one of my Wiggle Time quilts.  This pattern really does go together so quickly and easily!

 I used some of the other scraps that were sent to me and was "tickled pink" to see so many variations in shades.  I love how this quilt turned out.

I didn't have any big yardage in pink so I had to use some dots and stripes to cover the back.  I used some of the leftover strip set pieces from the front to create a fun inset to separate the two prints.  Such a sweet finish!

***Pattern Sale***

Today is the first official day of Autumn and I am so thrilled.  Fall is my favorite season so to celebrate, I thought I would put all of my patterns on sale on both Craftsy and in my Etsy shop.  I will run the sale through the weekend.

If you use one of my patterns, I hope you share a photo.  I love to see them!
You can see many of them too out on my Pinterst boards.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Improv Stripes

Every Fall, Amy Ellis hosts the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  Lots of blogger's link up their favorite recent finishes - so it makes for a great place to find inspiration and new blogs to follow.

I always look forward to this event. 
It really is amazing to see all of the lovely finishes that get shared!

I thought I would share the #improvstripes quilt I made following Debbie's (A Quilter's Table) quilt along.  I wasn't sold on the quilt when I first started out, but now that it is finished, it is one of my favorite quilts.

I restricted myself to bright blues, red and a bit of bright yellow.  Love those primary colors!  I paired those with black, whites and a few bits of gray.

For the quilting, I used a black thread and quilted squares/lines all going in different directions.
Improv geometric quilting!

Here are some links to quilt entries from past events.

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Quilting is more fun than Housework

If this is your first visit here, I invite you to stop in here on Sundays to link up your scrappy projects with Oh Scrap!  Even if you don't have a scrap project, you can check out all the wonderful projects other quilters are making with theirs!

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Bunny Quilt

Twice a year, Amy Ellis hosts the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  It is an event I always look forward to because it gives me an opportunity to explore new bloggers who are sharing some of their favorite recent finishes.

It is a digital quilt show!

You are allowed to link up two quilts so I thought for my first quilt, I would share my Bunny quilt I made last May.  It is a really large throw and my go-to quilt when I am feeling blue.  

A big pink bunny really cheers you up!

All of the fabrics were in my stash.  Almost all of the squares are 2.5" but I did use some 4.5" squares that I already had cut.  I like how they break up the pattern a bit.

I even had two larger cuts of some pink fabrics tucked away that worked perfectly for the backing.  I didn't want the two prints touching so I added in a navy print to break them up.

One of my quilting customers was nice enough to be a quilt holder for me.  

It is silly and whimsical - Who wouldn't want a pink bunny quilt!

Here are some links to quilt entries from past events.

Fall 2016: Colorwash Tumber
Fall 2016: Bamboo Shoots

Fall 2015: ROYGBIV Circles
Fall 2015: Scrappy Pineapple

Spring 2015: Rainbow 9 Patch
Spring 2015: Life is a Highway

Fall 2014: Wiggle Time
Fall 2014: Vertical Scraps

Spring 2014: Appliqued Flowers
Spring 2014: Geese Migration

Fall 2013: Star Surround

Quilting is more fun than Housework

If this is your first visit here, I invite you to stop in here on Sundays to link up your scrappy projects with Oh Scrap!  Even if you don't have a scrap project, you can check out all the wonderful projects other quilters are making with theirs!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Oh Scrap! : Burgoyne Surrounded

I am a sucker for quilts made from classic blocks.  There has been some recent images of quilts made from the Burgoyne Surrounded block that have really caught my eye.  I have tried so very hard to resist but we all know I have zero willpower.

So it looks like I have started another quilt!

My plan is to make the chains out of black/white fabrics, the backgrounds will be gray and white prints, and all of the circles will be in shades of blue.  These blocks are 15" finished so I will probably make either 16 or 20 blocks.  There are a lot of small pieces in these blocks so they are not real quick to sew up.  My plan is to make just 1 or 2 blocks a month so this one will be a longer term project.

I already have fabrics pulled for a second block but don't look for it to be finished any time soon!


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    Quilting is more fun than Housework
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    Thursday, September 14, 2017

    Please Adopt Me!

    I have been taking a hard look at all of my UFOs.  Many I have hidden away for years.

    It is time I accept there are some I am never going to finish and find someone who will gladly take them on and finish them!

    Having just finished a quilt in browns and beiges, I have zero desire to finish up another one.  I could put all of these blocks into my orphan block suitcase but I know someone will be happy to whip these up into a lovely quilt.

    There are a total of 24 nine-patch blocks in five different fabrics.  They measure 6.5".  I am also including some 2.5" strips and some other yardage so more blocks can be made.  At one time, I think I planned to use an alternating cream print block but I see there are only 6 of the squares with the project.  (I have a feeling I used the fabric elsewhere.)

    While I usually ask that my orphans get finished and donated to a charity, I am open to adopting this project out to anyone that is just willing to finish it. So if you have a need (and not just for your stash please), toss your name in the hat.

    I will ship anywhere in the US for free!

    ********A winner has been selected. The giveaway is closed.*******

    If you would like to adopt, please let me know in the comments that you are interested.  (Note, your comment should be made directly on my blog and not through Bloglovin' - it does not allow me your contact information so I have no way of getting ahold of you if you win.)

    I will be selecting a winner from those that are interested sometime on Tuesday September 19th so be sure to comment before then.  I will select a winner using a random number generator.  Please make sure I can get ahold of you!  If you are not positive if your email is available, please leave it in your comment.  Thanks!

    Quilting is more fun than Housework

    I am linking up with others ready to alleviate themselves from older projects.  Maybe you have something to share too!

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    My Quilt Infatuation (Needle & Thread)

    Fall 2017 Quilty Orphan Adoption Event

    Fall 2017 Quilty Orphan Adoption Event

    Quilting is more fun than Housework

    Ever wonder how many projects are tucked away in cupboards just waiting to be finished?!  I know there are quite a few in just my sewing room alone.  Many of these projects are no longer loved and the initial enthusiasm to finish them is long gone.  Sound familiar?

    We all tell ourselves we will get to it "Someday", but if we are honest with ourselves, we know there are just too many other projects we want to work on.

    Well my friends, it is time to get those projects out of our sewing rooms and into the hands of someone that will finish them! 

    This Quilty Orphan Adoption event helps in getting those projects to quilters that will finish them and give them some much deserved attention.  And I can say from experience, it feels great to release the burden and move onto something you really want to work on!

    the cat's meow | by quilts by lisa

    Lisa Marie shared this quilt she finished made from a project she adopted from Marianne at D is for Dovey last spring.  She graciously finished the project and donated the finished quilt to Camp Hobe.  Lisa Marie has been lucky enough to be awarded two adoptions over the years.  You can see her other quilt here.

    Now it is time for this Fall's Quilty Adoption Event!

    Orphan Adoption Event
    September 14th, 2017 through September 16th, 2017

    Here are some more details:

    1.  I am going to ask that any "orphan" linked up must be given away for free.  (If you are wanting to destash for money, there are other venues to do that on.)  I think it is fair that if you need to, you can ask that shipping costs be paid.  Just be sure and put that information clearly in your post.  And know that both parties enter into the deal at their own risk.  I hold no responsibility.

    2. Have clear pictures and descriptions on what you are putting up for adoption.

    3. Define the criteria for how you will decide who will adopt the item.  Is it a random number giveaway, do you only want it to go to charity, or is there some other criteria that needs to be met?

    4.  Be sure and identify where you are located and where you are willing to ship to.

    5. Define how long you are keeping the adoption open and when you expect to award the adoption.

    6. Remember to link back to my blog so your readers can see what else is being offered.  And feel free to grab a button!

    The ability to link up your blog, Instagram, Flickr, or Facebook post will be open through the end of the day Saturday September 16th.  You can award your adoption on any date you choose after Sunday the 17th.  Feel free to offer as little or as much as you want.  It can be blocks, books/patterns, kits, printed panels, fabric, quilt tops...anything that you hope someone else will use and you wish to get rid of the burden.

    So go look on those shelves and those deep dark corners in your sewing room and see what you have to clean out and move on.  I am sure there will be someone who is more than willing to adopt what you have to offer and get it finished!


    And if you are looking to adopt a project, please read each blog post and be sure you only offer to adopt those orphans you know you can finish.  The object of this event is to get these things finished, not just stored on another shelf.  Thanks!

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    Tuesday, September 12, 2017

    Getting Re-Focused!

    This summer I found myself getting involved in a number of Quilt Alongs and new projects.  That meant many of the older works were stuffed in bins and neglected. 

    I am now working at getting back to many of them and finishing a few!

    Remember these Scrap-A-Palooza blocks?  The last time I wrote about them was way back in May.
    I am ready now to get back to these cuties.

    I think I have enough blocks finished to go to the next step.  But first, I have to get them up on a design wall.

    The goal of this process will be to have an improv quilt.  What I hope to achieve is to share a simplified process for those of you that express fear or doubt that you can do it.

    Note that all of my blocks are different sizes, different designs and even different techniques.  When I am laying them out, I simply want to somewhat balance out the color.

    Next, I added a few scraps of fabrics to fill in spaces and further balance out the color.  You don't have to be exact here - just trust your eye.  You can add more later as you go.

    Even though none of the blocks are lined up, you can see that they are kind of layed out in a 3 x 5 layout.

    Now I need to settle on a background.  I have no idea how much fabric I am going to need but I want to be sure I have enough so I don't run out.  I am thinking I will need at least three yards.  Here are four I am considering - white, cerise, shadow and tarragon.  I keep bolts of all these colors so I have plenty.

    I think too many blocks will disappear in the green so that one is out right away.  The white and the gray - Maybe.  I am really tempted to use the dark turquoise.  Maybe I will go to my stash and see if I have a bit lighter shade.  What are your thoughts?

    I will be back with the next steps as soon as I make a decision...

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