Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finishing UFOs

This time of year, about the only UFOs I get to work on are the quilts of others.  Thankfully, I do know to plan ahead and complete any of my own holiday projects in the early fall so I can work like an elf and get as many of my customer's holidays gifts done as possible.

This quilt for Julie is not a holiday gift but I couldn't wait to work on it as I was really taken with it.  Love the colors, the pattern and had some great fun with the quilting.

The piecing pattern is Ballerina by Jaybird Quilts.   It might be one I will have to make in the future when I can get back to my own projects.
 Luckily the sun popped out from behind the clouds for a minute and I was able to snap this photo of the entire quilt.  Great job Julie!


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