Friday, November 30, 2012


I love leftovers!

One of my favorite activities is to use scraps and leftover fabric or blocks from a project and see what I can make from them.  Sometimes, I challenge myself to come up with designs using the pieces as they are cut.  Or I will try to use up all the fabric in a pile.  I can spend hours coming up with various ideas and layouts.

A good friend of mine made the quilt top shown on the left (lovely huh!) and gave me all of her scraps from the project thinking I might be able to get a baby quilt out of it.

 I started with some various widths of fabrics and made this little quilt.  Liked the idea but I think I would make additional cuts and break up the pattern more next time. 

With the generous gift of fabrics, I was also able to use leftovers to complete the entire back.

 ...but there was more.  So I made this quilt using pieces that were already cut into the big blocks that are pieced down the center.  I did pull a small amount of white from my stash but from the leftovers, I was able to both border and back this charming baby quilt.

  ...and to use up the last little bits, I made this sweet quilt which is my favorite.  I love how the fabric direction and placement add to the level of playfulness.  I did have to use some of my own white fabric for the sashing and most of the backing but I more than met my objectives.

...and I am so pleased to say there was very little fabric left.  I'm sure these will find their way into a string quilt in the future.  Thanks for the fun my friend!

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