Sunday, October 13, 2013

Some Stash and Studio Additions

Even though I am trying to use up my scraps and the other fabric I seem to have stored all over my home, I still see those special pieces that I know just need to come home with me.

As I was heading out the door of a local quilt store, I spied these three beautiful stripes way down on the bottom shelf.  I love them so much, I might have to go back and get more.

These fabrics are from Micheal Miller and the designer is Mark Hordyszynski.

And these lovelies also found their way to my home.  Not only were they on sale, but I also got an additional 30% off.

Most of these fabrics are by Cloud 9 and are part of the micro Mod line by Rob Bancroft.

As you can see, they are already making their way into a project I started yesterday.  I am adding these new fabric additions to some scraps from my Star Surround and older stash pieces. 

I will certainly be sharing more of this project once I get a few more blocks finished.

Not only did I make some additions to my stash, I also picked up a few new items for my sewing room.

I am ashamed to show you the condition of my cutting mat.  I have been using it for over 15 years and as you can see it was pretty worn out.

Now I have a nice new 24" x 36" cutting space!

I always ask myself why I waited so long!  Boy is it nice!

I also bought this handy hanging wire basket.  I placed it right by my ironing board so I can store items like scissors, Best Press, and other odds and ends and not take up table space.

I might even put a fun coat of paint on it one day but I sure am enjoying it the way it is.

...and if you are curious, I am still working on the Scrappy Goose.  I have a plan and the top is almost done.  I hope to get it quilted soon and reveal it as a scrappy entry for the upcoming Blogger's Quilt Festival.

Thanks for your encouragement to get it done! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!  Maybe some fun additions will be added to your own stash or studio!

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  1. I just love those stripes, too! The minute I saw them, I knew they were comin' to mama!!! have a fabulous week!

  2. Those are some awesome stripes!

  3. You did find some lovelies! The anticipation of seeing what you are making with them is high :). Oh my goodness you sure did beat up that cutting mat! Glad you got it replaced. I want to replace mine not due to condition but due to size. Oh I really like that hanging basket idea! Hmmmm, must keep an eye out for one!

  4. Oh my goodness at that board! I think it is fantastic! (Not for using, but for showing off, like a scar!)

  5. love the piecing on both the geese and the star surround. I love the hanging basket. I swear we had the EXACT same one in our kitchen when I was younger. Flashbacks.

  6. Your star surround scraps look perfect with those! And woah...that mat is hard core:) A badge of quilt honor I suppose, lol.


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