Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's a Real Puzzle!

When I updated my list of projects for the month of September, I was shocked to realize how many scrap quits I completed. So how is it I still have a full bin of scraps! 

I know all quilters laugh and joke that scraps multiply when you are not looking but I am thinking there just might be something to it.

As I was going through pictures, I did notice I had failed to share this scrap finish with you. (You can read more about this quilt here and here.)

I finally finished up the quilting and snapped a quick picture between the torrential rain we are having here in the northwest.

Boy has it rained!  Thanks goodness for rubber boots!

 The fun surprise is the quilting.

Yes, that's the real puzzle! ( hee hee )

I used the squares in the quilt top piecing to quilt the appearance of puzzle pieces. (On this quilt, each puzzle piece is about 4" square.)  

 It is very simple to do as it is just line quilting with alternating bumps and dips.

Using my longarm, I just did grid quilting so it was continuous and did not require turning the quilt on the frame.  The only thing that stopped me was having to replace the bobbin!

Now onto the next scrap quilt!

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  1. I really like this scrap quilt and the quilting on it is just adorable! I love puzzles!

  2. I love the puzzle quilting!

  3. Oh my goodness, you were busy in September!! Such beautiful quilts! I love the puzzle quilting, very clever :) I'm going to be cheeky and mention that you may be interested in a weekly quilting linky party that I've just started :) I'd love you to come and join us <3

  4. This puzzle quilting is brilliant! Making a mental note ;)

  5. Thanks for linking up <3 I look forward to seeing more of your quilting :)

  6. Wow Cynthia! That puzzle quilting just rocks! What a neat surprise on the back!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  7. What great quilting for this scrappy quilt!

  8. I love your scrappy quilts and the puzzle detail sounds like fun. A line and a bump!

  9. I love the puzzle quilting. I will tuck that idea away for a special quilt.

  10. You have been super productive this September! I love, the puzzle quilting and I'm totally going to steal your idea the next chance I get ;)

  11. Puzzle quilting...brilliant! I am one of those people who is convinced my scraps grow when I am not looking. Bravo for making a dent in your scraps...I know it is not easy!

  12. Beautiful finsihes and love that puzzle pattern - thanks for linking up!

  13. Just found you through Leah Day's (who I just adore) FMQ Friday link-up. I have no idea how to link my infant blog to you gals, but I will figure it out soon. I love the lime green, black and turquoise quilt, superb colour choices.You've given me a TERRIFIC idea for a use for some of my ever-growing scraps. I'm now following you! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  14. I've seen this puzzle quilting in one of my doodle books...yours came out straight! I love looking at the quilting from the back...thanks for showing it from that side too!


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