Sunday, May 4, 2014

Scrap-A-Palooza! Quilt #5 Part One

Here we are at the beginning of another month and that means we get to start another scrap quilt!  
Do any of you get as excited about that as I do?

On an older post about scrap storage, I shared that I cut my smaller scraps into 2.5" squares and store them by color and/or fabric type in these handy little drawer organizers.  Last month I realized I could no longer cram any more into the one reserved for blacks and whites.  This is always a clear signal that it is time to plan a quilt using these fabrics.

So guess what we are working with this month!

My vision for this month's quilt will be to create a zig zag pattern using these black and white squares and some older contrasting fabrics.   

I have these three pieces of older blue fabric that I will also be using  on this project.

Some of it might also be used in the binding and into the back.  My aim is to get as much as I can used up!

My plan is to make 8" finished size blocks.  It will create a zig zag effect similar to that you can achieve with a rail fence block.  

How many squares do you need?  First determine the size quilt you want using an 8" block size.  For each block needed you will require at least eight 2.5" squares.  I will be sharing two versions of the block next week so you might find you want a few more but I would start here.
Depending how you use the contrasting fabric (more on that next week) you could need anywhere from half a yard to a couple of yards.

Note:  As you look through your stash for your contrasting fabric, to get a good distinction in the pattern, don't choose fabrics that blend with the squares you want to use.  Even with the blues I am using above, I have some concerns it might blend a bit with my black and whites. 
(But I am still going to use it as I am a curious person and want to see what happens!)


So how about it, are you ready to sew some scraps?!?

As you sort through your scraps for your own inspiration, remember to narrow your fabric choices down to keep your quilt cohesive.  I wanted blacks and whites for the squares.  As I sorted my scraps, I only used fabrics that would fit into that definition so if something had a third color in it, I saved it for another quilt.  I truly think doing this is what helps to ensure a successful, eye-appealing scrap quilt.

I am keeping the homework simple this week.  Here is an overview:
  • Dig through those scraps and determine your colorways
  • Cut your scraps into 2.5" squares
  • Pull some possible accent fabrics
  • Most importantly, get creative and have fun!

Each month, I see more and more of you joining in.  I always love to share pictures and links to your projects. Feel free to grab the button in the sidebar to share with your readers so they know what you are up to.

And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Now let's get this month's party started!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I like how you have your 2.5 inch squares organized. I have mine in a box but not by color - I'm a scrappy quilt maker too

Sandra Walker said...

I can't wait to do one WITH you this time! And, I checked the previous post on storage, which I either read and forgot about (shocker) or never did read (quite possible), and I love the information in it. Thank you! I have a similar system: plastic drawers where I store by colour, ziploc bags by colour for small pieces, and some Rubbermaid or Sterilite rectangle boxes for colours, like blue, that have too many smallish pieces for a ziploc. But yours is even more refined, (like cutting into strips or 2.5" squares BEFORE storing) and I am now inspired to make the fabric buckets from the pattern I bought from acuppaandacatchup. Now to really work at getting them OUT of those storage places and INTO more quilts...I'm definitely making headway! I will post about my second scrap-a-palooza finish today!

Heather @ Bobbins and Bullets said...

That is definitely a better way to store scraps than how I do it. Mine are just tossed in a bin, but that's also the bin my daughter plays with in my sewing area so it may be a few years before I can be more organized. Thanks for linking up while I hosted Anything Goes Mondays!

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