Thursday, June 12, 2014

Let's Get Acquainted - Week 2

Last week was the first group of amazing quilters in this year's New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop organized by Beth at Plum and June.  Thanks  to everyone that stopped by my blog last week to get to know me a bit better during Week 1Week 2 has started and I didn't want you to miss the opportunity to check out some more great sites.  Here's the list:

Yes, it is a big list but you have the rest of June to work your way through it.  I am sure you will find it worth your time!

2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop @ plum and june

Now get hopping and get acquainted with all these new blogs!

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  1. You ROCK! Thank you for listing all of the participants! Such a kind and gracious gesture :)


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