Sunday, June 8, 2014

Some Stash Additions

There are a few holidays each year when there are always some great deals on fabric and Memorial Day seems to be one of them.  I tried to restrain myself but there was one deal I just couldn't walk away from.

I saw that Winter Creek Cloth was having a Blowout Sale and had just discounted a bunch of fabrics down to $5/yard.  They were also advertising an additional 10 % discount to their sale section.

  Hmmm... Maybe there might be something there I could use.  
Then I saw for a few days only, they were also advertising free shipping.  
Really, how could I not take a look!

With all the quilts I make each year, I try to find great deals on my backing fabrics.  Really great deals!  I was able to grab 4 yards of each of these prints knowing they will be perfect for future scrap quilts.  I had used the Joel Dewberry plaid print before and loved how it looked so I was excited to pick up some more.  I also have a fat quarter bundle of Jason Yenter's Bloom Modern fabric (the green print on the top) so I know that piece will come in handy some day.

I also picked up one yard pieces of all of these prints.  They were all perfect for filling in my stash, especially those low volume prints.

As I was checking out, I remembered an additional discount code they sent me with my last order and was surprised to see it worked.   I am pretty sure I picked up all this fabric for less than cost.  

Some pretty good shopping indeed!

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  1. Yenter and Dewberry are two of my absolute faves!!!! I've started buying 5 yds lately cuz the quilts I seem to be making have "jumped" up a bit in size...........those are awesome "deals" you ended up with!!!!!

  2. Rosemary B here:
    I do not need any excuses to buy fabric, but it does help.
    Sales are irresistible -- you made some very sweet purchases

  3. Nice adds!

    I really like your new picture. Good to see your happy face. :)

  4. Ooooohhhh.....I got some, too. I almost got some of that plaid, but didn't even have anything to go with it - love it, though!

  5. Well done! There were sales around these parts too that I couldn't resist! that plaid really is so pretty in real life. Love the Lotta prints too.

  6. Four yard pieces for backings... I will have to remember that. Sounds like the perfect amount.


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