Friday, June 27, 2014

Scrap-A-Palooza! Quilt #6 Finish (Part Three)

I can't wait to show you the adorable quilts made with this month's design.  This pattern is so quick and easy, I had my top sewn up in a day! 
But before I reveal the finishes, let's review the steps to this quilt so far.

Just a reminder, if you are ready to sew up some of your scraps, all of the quilts from the series can be viewed in the Scrap-A-Palooza quilt gallery tab above.  Not only can you see the quilt I made but I love to share what others have done.  There is all sorts of inspiration!

In Part One, we pulled our scraps and determined the best size to cut our rectangles.

Part Two had us choosing a layout and sewing the rectangles into rows.  We then sewed the rows together to quickly complete a top.

You can add sashing or simply sew the rows directly together.  This step is where you can really make the quilt uniquely your own.

Here is my quilt all finished up.  Too Cute!

For the quilting, I used the piecing layout to quilt in large scale wavy lines.

As I was cutting the rectangles for the top, I saved some of the larger pieces to use for the backing. 

As I begin a quilt, I like to start considering what I am going to use for the backing. A little pre-planning can really keep the costs down on your quilts!


We all have these leftover bag of scraps.  This is the perfect quilt to use them up!

A couple of other quilters joined in this month and take a look at what they did!


This is the quilt Diann is working on over at Little Penguin Quilts.  She is using some leftovers from a Kate Spain Honey Honey designer roll.  Love the little black sashing she floated between the bricks.

And Sandra over at Musings of a Menopausal Melon has already finished her quilt top from some leftover Simplicity fabrics.  She added some horizontal sashing and a lovely border.  She named it Floral Dreams - very inviting!

With July almost here, I need to get cracking on next month's quilt.  I think we are going to play with color this time.  Probably working with strings and gradating color.  Hope you join in the fun!

Why Scrap-A-Palooza?  Because Quilting is more fun than Housework!
Joanie’s Trendy Quilts

This quilt is one of the NewFOs I had on my 2014 Bloom Project list at Joanie's Trendy Quilts so we can check the June Scrap quilt off the list!.


Vera said...

Nice color combo on your quilt!

Shannon said...

I really like the wave quilting. I need to try that sometime!

Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

Love the quilting detail you gave your quilt, and I enjoy seeing how others interpreted the pattern!

Shauna said...

Love the colors in your quilt, would make the perfect beach blanket

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love the quilting you did! I didn't think of anything so creative! Just need to finish up the binding and I will post about mine again.

SewPsyched! said...

Woohoo! these are great and now I just can't wait for July!!

Anonymous said...

Serene, "misty", ocean...........beachy! I think I need to head for Nantucket!!!!! Great finish and the stitching is simply 'spot on'!

ipatchandquilt said...

So peaceful these colours!
Great design,

Jasmine said...

This looks great! I love how you quilted it. The wavy lines add a lot.

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