Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Slow Progress

This month I am finding it harder and harder to find time to work on projects.  With lots of client quilts to finish before the holidays, classes to teach and household chores to finish up, I am lucky if I can get a couple hours of sewing in each week.

I did find some time to make a little progress on my alphabet blocks.  Even though letters up to "O" have been released, I am just getting around to finishing up the letter "J"

I was struck with some inspiration on how to finish up this set of blocks.  I decided to add a frame around each letter.  This meant I had to track down more scraps for the blocks I had already made.  Most of them I was able to locate but I am still searching for a few.  I might have to get a bit creative to get some blocks finished up!


I did finish up another of my english paper pieced stars.  Now I have a total of 6 finished...
and a whole lot more to go!

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  1. Sweet letters. I have to catch up, made up to F, but is standing still right now. Great hexies!

    1. I stalled at F, too. I want to redesign G, so that was my holdup. :-)

  2. Sometimes you just do what you can do. I love your J block! Of course, my daughter's name starts with a J so I think I'm biased, lol!

  3. love your blocks.... maybe you should just give up the housework lol - I like seeing your quilts better than your clean house ;-)

  4. I agree on giving up the housework!! And I am thinking of putting pudding in one of those hats with straws (usually used to dispense beer), so I never have to go downstairs to cook again!! hang in there and find time to enjoy the moment :) X!

  5. I am making the letters too. Temecula Quilt Co did show a couple of theirs finished, but that is going to make me have to come up with some design options too because of where I had place colors prior to their reveal. Still enjoying them and so far, "N" was the hardest and not 100% I made "K" exactly correct, but I can tell what it is.

  6. I love the colors you are using for your EPP stars, the quilt is going to be absolutely beautiful.

  7. Nice English paper pieced stars!

  8. I love all the different versions of your letters. And the EPP stars are wonderful. I'm getting ready to embark on some EPP--all the hexagons from Katja Marek's new book and I also have the millefiori book. Overambitious??


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