Saturday, March 7, 2015

Solid Stash Additions

I have been trying really hard lately to reduce my stash.  I still occasionally buy pieces from new collections but I am definitely more selective about what I purchase.  But there is one type of fabric that I really like to have on hand.  And those are solids!

I have been considering for quite some time to join one of those monthly solid stash clubs.  But many of them are fat quarters and I wanted something in bigger cuts.

So when I won a free trial of a monthly Kona half yard club at Canton Village Quiltworks, I was over the moon and anxious to give it a try.  (Thank you Rachel at Stitched in Color for the giveaway!)  These pretty pinks and purples are what I received in February.  I decided to go ahead and try it out for six months and see how I like it.

Just this week I received my shipment for March.  I was a little disappointed it was just greens but not enough for me to give up on the club.  The price is definitely right and it does include shipping.

I haven't felt the need to cut into any of these yet.  For now I am enjoying their pretty colors up on the shelf as I finish off some other projects.

Have you tried a stash club yet?  If so, how did you like it?

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  1. I've never done a solids stash club, but every time I've done any sort of print one, I've found them to be pretty hit and miss. I think it'd probably be the same with solids, but the nicer thing about solids that I think it's easier to find uses for odd colours than it is to find uses for really odd prints.

  2. I haven't tried any clubs yet. Those pinks are pretty :)

  3. I am in a prints club right now. I agree it is hit and miss, but also, fun to see what they send. I am olny getting fat quarters, so if I really hate something, it's no big deal. I love the solids. I can see why you would rather have a half yard of those.

  4. Green must be for St. Patrick's month! That is a good price with the shipping. You've got me thinking . . . .

  5. Ooh, if you save them up for 6 months, you'll have a pretty rainbow of colors--and a nice sampling of Kona fabric. I have the color card, but still have trouble picking out fabrics based on the tiny rectangles. Having bigger pieces to based decisions on would be great. Of course, you might want to sew with them, too. : )

  6. I think I agree with Barb above; pink for Valentine's day, Green for St. Patrick's... what might that mean for April? Pastels for Easter? Hmmm... I have never done a club like that before, but a Kona solids club would be super tempting.

  7. Not a fan of the greens either! But what a fun club. I haven't signed up for anything like that, but solids would be the one I would do...if I did one!!

  8. I've taken part in a few stash clubs and I really love them. Solid or print colour wheel clubs are a really great way to build up a good stash of mixers and blenders adding a new colour to your stash each month. You'll always need to buy yardage for backgrounds for larger projects but I love being able to audition colours from my stash and having that little piece of just the right colour when I need it. At the moment I'm adding to my Liberty stash and I look forward to a new stack of fabrics arriving each month and planning their use. I usually stay with each club for at least one annual cycle, especially those that work on a colour wheel basis.

  9. I adore my solids color wheel kona club!! I'm with Paula on being able to audition colors from your stash, and also receiving colors that you wouldnt be able to find in your LQS. Yum!!

  10. I, too like the idea of getting more than an FQ in a stash club. I checked out Canton Village, but sadly, their club isn't available outside the US. :( Gotta love all those Konas you got... even if the greens aren't your thing, they might come in handy one day!

  11. How cool that you won that Cyndy! Stash clubs are always so tempting, but I always worry about getting fabric i might not like. This weekend i was showing my daughter some green solids and she wasn't enthused until i showed her how great they looked with other bright colors. Think of them like those people at parties who have the gift of making everyone else click.


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