Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Park Bench Progress

In between all the other quilts I am currently working on, each month I still make time to work on the blocks for my Park Bench quilt.  This amazing Jaybird Design quilt was placed on my Bucket List as soon as I laid eyes on it.  And I love it more and more each month as I make progress on my own.

 I am always intrigued by the shapes required for these blocks.  Every time I cut them out, I end up creating new designs and shapes.  If you haven't used Jaybird Designs' Hex N More and Sidekick rulers, they really are pretty slick!

With these two blocks finished, I only have 5 more to go.  These two blocks for me were the hardest to date.  I kept losing track of the fabric placement and there were a lot of intersections to line up.  But they were definitely worth all the frustration!

They make me feel so proud when I walk into my sewing room where they are prominently displayed!

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Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

The piecing looks very precise; you definitely stuck to it and made lovely blocks!

Lara B. said...

Oh Cyndy, those blocks are gorgeous! Such intricate piecing a subtle shading!

Lois said...

They look fantastic:))

SewPsyched! said...

These blocks!! Be still my heart!!

Sandra Walker said...

I love your "clothesline" display! Might have to copy that. I take it your two design walls are full??!! This is on my bucket list too, and I think I have some birthday money from my mum that I still haven't spent...ch-ching!

Ruth said...

They are beautiful blocks and definitely worth it. Love the soft greys!

Danette said...

Those are 2 awesome blocks, I'll agree!

Laura said...

Your blocks look great!

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