Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Project up for Grabs

Twice a year (in the Fall and Spring), I host an event called the Quilty Orphan Adoption.  This event gives quilters the opportunity to offer blocks, half finished projects, and that "what was I thinking" fabric that is just taking up space and you know you are never going to do anything with.

This year's Fall event kicks off this Friday September 18th.

Once again, I am offering up a complete project I know I will NEVER finish.

There are 25 small blocks (measuring 6" across) and 4 large blocks (measuring 12" across) and a couple of plastics bags filled with cut and partially sewn blocks.  (For me, it all looks pretty organized!)  There is also quite a big piece of yardage that I will include so you can finish up any other necessary blocks.  I am pretty sure there is enough blocks and fabric here for a small lap size quilt.

I will be of no help to you on how to get these finished up.  I do think I have the book and will track it down and include it in the package.  But you might want to be somewhat familiar with the One  Block Wonders before you take this project on.

I will ship this anywhere in the US for free!
***Note:   I would really like this to be made into a quilt for a charity.***

If you would like to adopt this project, please let me know in the comments that you are interested and for what cause you will be making it.  You can also email me the information at cynthiabdesigns at gmail dot com if you prefer.

I will be selecting someone from those that are interested on Tuesday September 22nd so make sure you notify me before that.  If there is more than one good fit, I will draw names from a hat.  Please make sure I can get a hold of you!  If you are not positive if your email is available, please leave it in the comment.

***This adoption is closed. Congratulations Tu-Na Quilts for giving these blocks a new home.***

Thanks so much!

Quilting is more fun than Housework


Lara B. said...

Wow - someone is sure to snap that up. (I'm not entering in the draw, but think it's pretty cool just the same. Cyndy, I had to laugh when I saw you were giving away the makings for a One Block Wonder, after our discussion on the subject. Hee hee hee. :)

Sooz said...

Sounds like fun! I'd be interested if they're still available. :-)

Cecilia said...

This sounds like an interesting block and I'm sure they will make a great quilt. I would send it to the local domestic violence shelter. They are grateful for everything that you give. Thank you for offering this gift.

Sherry said...

I've never done a One Block Wonder. . . but I believe that I have the book (or I can get it from the library).

With the wildfires in the west I am going to work on quilts for Layers of Love as I am sure that she will be needing more soon.

It would be fun to work with these blocks.

crazyquiltpatcher AT yahoo DOT com

Sherry V.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I work on Charity Quilts for several animal welfare organizations. You know I am president of CAAWS, the oldest one in South Louisiana. I am just finishing up one for Greater Swiss Mountain dog Rescue (Tea Towel with a St. Bernard on it)to pay for rescue expenses for several dogs they took in when the owner's abandoned them at a kill shelter and the breeder is nowhere in sight. Sigh.

Don't breed if you aren't willing to rescue!


Tu-Na Quilts said...

I'm looking for a project that I could get done by the end of Oct for a friend's son fundraiser event who just got his second liver transplant and this quilt has a good start. It would go into the silent auction at the silent auction/dinner event. Karen

Sandra Walker said...

No, before you start guffawing out there in the West, I am not entering for these! I have a stack 'n whack with 8 of 12 blocks waiting to be finished... similar to one-block wonders. I do love the looks of these though, but then again I do love kaleidoscopes. Such a great idea Cynthia. :-)

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