Sunday, September 20, 2015

Oh Scrap! : Scrap-A-Palooza! Quilt #18 Part One

Inspiration for my scrap quilts come from so many different places.  I have been thinking about starting another Scrap-A-Palooza quilt and toying with the idea of making a sampler quilt.  This weekend when I went to put some scraps away in their color tub and found many of the cool colors too full to close, I knew it was time to move forward on the project.

 Looks like this scrap quilt will be blue, turquoise, purple and lime!

One of my favorite resources for blocks is Judy Hopkin's Around the Block series of quilt books.  They have been around for a while and if they are no longer in publication, you can probably pick up used copies at a great price.

Each book has hundreds of blocks.  And for each block, you are given cut sizes for 5 different block measurements. Just pick the size block you want in your quilt and thumb through all the pretty blocks and all the quilt math is already done for you!

I have been wanting to make a sampler quilt that has an Irish Chain feel to it.  In other words, all of the blocks have an X shape to them.  And I think I will keep the background scrappy too.  So I have thumbed through the book and marked pages with the blocks I like.

Of course, right off the bat I fall in love with this Rosebud block.  It didn't really meet my criteria of an X block but I will get it in the quilt somehow.  The center square is supposed to be the background color but I thought the little print looked cute (and got me closer to an X - see how I do that!).  All of my blocks are going to measure 12 1/2" and I plan on making 25 total blocks.

I will be sharing blocks and their layout on the design wall as I go with this one.

Okay, your turn!  What have you been sewing with your scraps!


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The Colorful Fabriholic said...

I love the palette you've chosen for your scrappy sampler! I like your concept of chain blocks or X blocks to give it continuity, too. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Turid said...

I love making small scrappy blocks. I think yours will be beautiful, with scraps all through.

Anonymous said...

How fun to be at the planning stage! My favorite place. I too like your idea of X for continuity , and I am sure there are a lot to choose from. Though maybe not 25.

Your print center gives you both: the X as you described, and because of the light value, it keeps the feel of the original block.

It will be fun to watch your progress.

Feathers in my Nest said...

Thank you for visiting my Blog & leaving your sweet comment...I tried to copy & paste your logo "Oh Scraps!" to my blog but was unsuccessful..Is it Java or Image..I did both.

Ivani said...

me too. I love the look of irish chain in the quilts. Thanks for the tip about the book. Have a great week!

Karen said...

I have the blue book. I use it often. I will have to look to see if the rosebud block is in my book.

Jasmine said...

What a neat project idea. I love the color combo and look forward to seeing your progress.

Anonymous said...

I think if the light/dark remains the same in each block, it will have an X look to it. I like that block with the print in the middle.

Kate said...

I really enjoyed the scrappy sampler Angela used for her RSC challenge last year. It's fun learning to make all those different blocks.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I like the block you chose. My scrap drawers are almost to the point of not being able to close too so maybe a scrap quilt will be order soon.

beth s said...

You've made me want another quilting book!! ;)

Sandra Walker said...

I have one of Judy's books, great resource! I think that sampler blocks seems to "waste" fabric, as you don't get nice strips cut and then subcut when you are cutting for all unique blocks; however, doing sampler blocks out of SCRAPS is genius!!

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