Friday, September 25, 2015

Is it in the Stars?

I have been searching for years for a good star pantograph.  I have purchased countless and have never been over the moon with they way they look on quilts.  I recently placed an order for a few more pantograph designs and thought I would give another try at finding the perfect star.

Once I received the pattern, I needed to try it out on a quilt.  I thought a recent quilt of mine would work perfectly so I found some time this last week to quilt it up.

Once again, I am not that excited about it.  The pattern is a great one and I am sure I will use it in the future but it just isn't the "perfect" go-to star pattern.  The search continues....

The good news however is that this means I finished up this festive little quilt.  It is made using my Wiggle Time pattern and goes together Oh. So.Quickly.

 All of the printed fabrics were gifted to me - including the backing fabric.  All I had to pull was the navy solid.

I used up some of the leftover scraps to make a fun detail on the back.  I thought the stripes needed to be broke up a bit.

My initial plan was to donate this one but I now need to hang on to it for a bit.  I might need it for a class and/or a gift.  It still might get donated, but just at a later date.

If you like the pattern, it (and my other patterns) are still on sale until the end of September.  
And if you know of a great star pattern, please share!

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  1. Bummer that it still isn't the star pantograph of your dreams, but the star compliments the red, white and blue top nicely! :)

  2. I so understand this struggle! I haven't found the perfect one either. But your quilt looks great!

  3. I've been searching for a good *go to* star pantograph, too. Great finish! :)

  4. I love the front of the quilt, but the backing is really great, too! I love that stripey fabric.

  5. It may not be the perfect one, but it sure looks good on that quilt.

  6. I'm starting to think the problem is the star shape. It's hard to get the points even and I don't really like wonky stars. I've all but given up, so I can't really help except to say that your quilt does look great and the stars look as good as any I've seen. I especially like the rays shooting out of each star.

  7. I love the Wiggle Time quilt - yet another to add to my to-do list!

  8. I'm surprised how hard it is for you and others to find the perfect star...who would have known?! Good luck on your quest, I'm sure you will be screaming from the roof tops when you do find it!

  9. I just purchased the wiggle time pattern and can't wait to start it. Love the colors in your quilt and really love that stripe on the back. Thank you for showing this quilt.

  10. While it isn't exactly what you were looking for, it does look neat. I can imagine it on a super hero quilt for boys. It seems to say "pow!" to me. Congrats on the finish. I really like the pieced backing.

  11. Love this pattern. Tried to purchase it and have no luck with Craftsy. I don't work well with PayPal and for some reason they don't want me to use my credit card independently.
    Didn't fair any better with etsy.

  12. I like the effect! Is this pantograph a digital one or one you follow with a stylus? I still haven't got up the nerve to try one. That quilt turned out so perky!

  13. It's an absolutely beautiful finish.


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