Friday, June 16, 2017

More CiL Finishes

Not one...two...but three finishes to share today!

As I work through the donation blocks I have been receiving for Covered in Love, I have been trying to come up with unique layouts for all the quilts.  As I get each package of blocks, I write how many blocks are in the envelope.  So another challenge I have given myself is to grab enough packages that contain about 37-40 blocks (I need 35 for a quilt) and I have to come up with a layout design using only the blocks that were sent.  So far I have been able to make them all work!

This quilt was made from blocks sent from one person.  There were a few more in the package but the color combination worked out perfectly to make this horizontal row quilt.

I was able to use some leftover backing from a previous CiL quilt by adding this red orange and purple piece I had in my stash.  It worked perfectly!

I am also trying to give each one a different quilting design.  So this one was given a blocky spiral in white thread.

This one I used the colors of the blocks to create a (somewhat) balanced pattern.  

I admit, this group of blocks had me scratching my head a bit!

Kat had sent some backing for me to use so I put a fun polka dot fabric on this one.
I quilted it with big dahlia flowers.

A few people had emailed me to see if they could make some pink blocks.  Having them allowed me to play with 5 colors and use them in a vertical design.

 I used another backing from Kat - this one was a pink dotted fabric.  For the quilting I made vertical lines with triangles going in different directions.

 So that is five quilts completed to date using these blocks.  I have one more quilt top completed and enough blocks for two - maybe three - more.  If you have blocks to send, please send them off soon.  I hope to finish all these up and send them off to Kat in early July.

Thanks so much for all of you who contributed!

(You can see previous finished quilts here and here if you are interested...)

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Marie said...

Oh my goodness - you are putting so much time and energy into this project and the results are just beautiful. Such a giving soul.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Those are so great, and it is one of my most favorite scrap patterns you have designed!

Jasmine said...

These look great! So nice to see all the differences. I love the triangles on a string quilting design.

Susan said...

These are all very pretty - it's great that you challenged yourself not only in settings, but quilting. Great quilts!

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

You are doing a fantastic job of assembling all of these quilts from the blocks. --Andrea

Kat said...

Whoa! These look fabulous! I love all the quilting designs you're trying out! Especially the flowers and the triangles.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Those are so pretty! What a great challenge - to make each one different. I think I see my dark red blocks, and I love the way you put those blocks together that all had more contrast between the strips!

Cut&Alter said...

What great finishes!! I love the fact that you challenge yourself with the quilt layouts. Great quilt for a great cause. Thank you for linking up to TGIFF :)

Karen's Korner said...

How generous of you to give so much of your time ....lovely results with each quilt.

Pamela Arbour said...

I would love to see the look on the recipients faces when they receive their quilt. Those colors are outstanding. You did a great job assembling them and quilting them.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Wow!! You are doing a GREAT job with these CiL blocks!!

Louise said...

You're so creative with all the different layouts! I really like the addition of that bubblegum pink. And the "big dahlia" quilt motif looks fun to stitch :)

Marianne said...

WOW! You are a CiL quilt making factory! I love the different settings.

Hannah S. said...

Those colors are amazing together!

Preeti said...

Three finishes??? Such a show-off :-D
They all look lovely, like siblings - matching but with their individual personalities.

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