Sunday, August 6, 2017

Oh Scrap! : Scrap Dealer

I am the first to admit, I am a bit obsessed with scraps.  To me, they are like a puzzle to be put together into a pretty product.  Want to throw my daily schedule out the window?  All it takes is for my "scrap dealer" to drop by with a new baggie of stimulant.

Recently, along with a quilt came a bag of leftover pieces of some brushed cottons.  She warned me she had a terrible time with these fabrics.  And as I quilted the project for her, I could see why.  She thought maybe I should just toss them and not mess with them.

Hmmm.  I admit, I felt the same way.  The fabrics were amazing soft but they had absolutely no structure to them.  But the pull of the challenge was just too strong!

I ended up using a LOT of starch (which helped some) and then decided to go to my stash and just add in some flannel horizontal strips to give the scraps a framework to hold them in place.

 The colors in these fabrics are really pretty.  And the finished quilt is exceptionally cuddly. 
But these scraps about did me in!

I decided to just use up the rest of the fabrics on the backing and the binding.  

I am curious if you scrap quilters are able to resist the siren song of a bag of scraps - even when your "dealer" warns you against them!

I obviously can't!!


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    Julie in GA said...

    I love your term "scrap dealer!" She obviously knows that you can't resist the challenge of a new bag of scraps. I have some brushed cottons that I bought years ago with a similar problem--gorgeous colors, but very soft and loosely woven. I wonder where those fabrics are hiding?!

    gayle said...

    Scrap dealer! Ain't it the truth!
    That really is a cuddly-looking quilt! I'm glad you forged ahead with it!

    Lisa England said...

    I wish I had a "scrap dealer". Although it could be dangerous.

    Kate said...

    Very pretty, love the colors.

    Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

    I have never had anyone send me scraps much less have a "dealer" LOL - how do you get one - you obviously knew to add starch and it worked out

    Chantal said...

    You're lucky that your scrap dealer gives you warning. Mine didn't and I ended up with a red scrap that bleed profusely onto the finished quilt. :^(((
    Yet, I still accept scraps from her, lol.
    You did an excellent job with those stubborn scraps. The pictures show a very soft quilt that looks so warm. Perfect job with the back too. Congrats! ;^)

    The Joyful Quilter said...

    Oh, honey!! You've got it bad! LOL

    Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

    I haven't found a scrap dealer either, although there have been some people who have been willing to help me out until I find one.I've got plenty of my own scraps though, and probably should become a dealer myself! You did a great job with the scraps you were dealt.

    Teresa said...

    I totally agree with you about the puzzle thing, but I am much better at avoiding the dealer, I might even be a dealer, lol. Usually I have more scraps than I know what to do with, but I will end up working with scraps before I start a kit or preset pattern. A true scrap addict.

    Kat said...

    It turned it beautiful, I love the colors! I have used fabrics like those before and they can certainly make you pull your hair out.

    LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

    In spite of its problems, this one turned out beautifully! Good for you that you forged ahead and made something beautiful out of this difficult fabric!

    Karen's Korner said...

    You have been "sewing your magic" again and come up with another lovely scrappy. Well done.

    Louise said...

    Hm, I do store many of my themed scraps in little baggies. I hope the boat doesn't get boarded by Customs and Immigration. Looks kinda suspicious!

    Since I buy most of my fabric used on eBay, I often end up with oddball scraps. And yes, they are so hard to resist! One of my favorite sellers sews neckties, so her scraps are strange skinny bias triangles that are quite the challenge. But I *love* all the science themed fabrics she irresistible.

    Nann said...

    I think the only warnings I've had about scraps have been from myself to myself. Sometimes I obey the warning and sometimes I don't! Your purply-blue "save" turned out very well. [And as you described the very, very soft cotton I knew just the kind of fabric you meant.]

    Jayne said...

    I applaud your willingness of taking on a challenge! There are some fabrics that require TLC when working with them. I think your quilt is very pretty regardless of the issues. I'm not sure I would have taken on the are a brave woman!

    chrisknits said...

    I am learning to use scraps, but much prefer a planned color scheme. But that quilt looks very cuddly!

    Sandy Panagos said...

    Wow, I bet it WAS hard working with that brushed cotton. You did a really great job. I hope she doesn't reward you with another bag of scraps!

    Susan said...

    Great finish with finicky scraps! I, too, love the challenge, and usually won't turn down fabric.

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