Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Getting Unstuck

For months now I have been looking at these blocks up on my design wall.  I want to work on this project but I finally figured out, the background fabric I was planning on using just didn't feel right....So I was stuck!

In my desire to use what I have, my plan was to go with the dark teal Kona in the above photo.  The color is right, but I think there is going to be a lot of background in this quilt and my gut keeps telling me it might be too strong.  I also believe that a solid background will feel a bit "flat" on this quilt.

As I was browsing some websites for deals over the holiday, I saw that Craftsy has their Boundless Blenders Aura on clearance.  I have used this fabric on some other projects and really liked the soft marble look to it.  So I ordered some 4 yard cuts of a soft aqua, gray and green.

Because they are on clearance, Craftsy may be discontinuing these so I thought I would pick them up while they are available.  At this writing, I see they are still at a great price.

I auditioned the green and the aqua with some of my blocks and think I will move forward with the aqua.  It is time to get back to this UFO!

In the package, there was also a free charm pack.  Just for me!
And just like a kid, I had to immediately open the package.

The fabrics are from the Tailor's Tack Collection.  It has a very early American feel to it. 
I think some HSTs are in my future!

So not only did I become unstuck, it looks like I started another project!
How about you, do you get stuck when a project just doesn't feel right?

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  1. Hooray for getting unstuck!! I think you picked a great fabric. And-wow!! Those are some crazy vegetables!!! 😝

  2. Fabulous! That aqua is marvelous! So fresh!

  3. I definitely can get stuck on a project if it doesn't feel right. I'm glad you found a great solution with some fabric at a great price. It's nice when things work themselves out!

  4. It is so great to see someone else that is going to use the same fabric collection that I purchased for my birthday! Unlike you, as of right now, I have no idea what I will do with my FQ Collection, but maybe your project will give me inspiration! I can't wait to see your completed quilt. Thanks for sharing your "being stuck". And yes, I get stuck also...

  5. I like the blenders to and will be getting a package of fabric any day now that I ordered from the Thanksgiving sale and get a free charm package too - looking forward to it.

  6. I appreciate that you're talking about getting unstuck. The creative process can be full of bumps and not enough bloggers talk about that. Those Ah-Ha! moments are the best. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  7. I get stuck all the time! There comes a time when you have to step back and wait for the right option to come along. I think the aqua is perfect for these blocks...great choice! Now you'll have more room on your design wall for another project!!

  8. Yes! I get stuck. My current project is a perfect example, I made a Christmas quilt top and backing last July and I kept putting off quilting it. I finally decided I liked the backing better than the top so I made it the top and made a new backing.

    If I really get stuck, I either give away the projects on a twice yearly orphan block giveaway or I just send the whole schmear to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond.

  9. Yeah for finding some fabric that works well(I think) and for a great price.
    Yep I have been stuck for a time or two or three or... I think we all get there at one time or another. Just wait it out and it works out fine:)

  10. That aqua looks like it will be perfect to go with those blocks! Glad you found a way to move that project along. I definitely get stuck and can't figure out how to finish a project now and then - you should see my piles! :)

  11. I hate getting stuck, but when inspiration strikes it all works out. The aqua looks really good!

  12. Getting stuck is the reason for my UFO pile, lol. Aqua was my call too. It will be gorgeous in aqua. ;^)

  13. That dark aqua is a really pretty color, but I think you went the right direction with the softer blenders. I'm glad you figured out what was getting you stuck. That's the hardest part! Yes, I often get stuck and don't know why. Wrong background? Wrong layout? Waiting for the "aha!" moment can be frustrating...

  14. The dark teal is pretty, but the lighter aqua adds just the right sparkle.


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