Sunday, November 5, 2017

Oh Scrap! : This and That

Lately, I don't seem to have any real focus on any single project.  I pull a stack of fabric, but never start cutting - I pull blocks out of a project box but they never make it onto a design wall.  I have had a few simple finishes but I haven't made any big progress on the long list of finish hopefuls.

I did whip out ten brown bowtie blocks for one of my RSC quilts. The scrap fabrics were already pulled, I just needed to cut and sew them.  They really take no time at all to finish up.

So I went in and added them to the growing collection on one of the design walls in my quilting studio.  I enjoy looking at them as I quilt away on my longarm.  I would guess at this point, I am about halfway done.  It definitely needs more greens, blues and purples!

As I was admiring my blocks, I realized that of my 4 design walls (please don't hate me), this one is the only one with blocks on it.  It occurred to me this might be why I was not feeling inspired!
Me being a very visual person...

So the Burgoyne Surround blocks went up on the second wall in my studio.
(I instantly wanted to make a fourth block!)

And in my sewing room, I put these long forgotten blocks back up on the smaller wall.  I am so thankful for cameras so I could see what I had planned!
I love the bright colors in this one!!

I even put the "brown" blocks up on my fourth wall.  I will say I am a bit more inspired to work on this after I saw Emily's very cool variation on her blog
Maybe I just need a new layout to get me going!

Hopefully all this visual stimulation will inspire me to get moving on one of these!
Fingers crossed!


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    1. Your bowtie blocks look great! Bowties are one of my favorite blocks to make. And your Burgoyne blocks--it's getting harder to resist starting my own set of those!

    2. Jealous of four design walls, yes. Hate you for it...never!! It does help to inspire and motivate when you have a project on a wall. Visually you can see it and your mind automatically starts figuring out the next phase. I really commend you on your brown blocks in both projects. It's a hard color to work with (for me), unless I add a lot of bright colors with it! Focus comes and goes for me all the time. I love when I get over the hurdle...and I know you will too!

    3. Oh wow, 4 design walls? I've got two and that's really helpful. But what I could do with 2 more? I'm totally jealous (but I don't hate you). You've got some fun stuff going on those design walls. Hopefully filling those walls got you inspired. If not, one thing that's been working for me this year is to pull one UFO and work on it for the month. Then put it away, unless I'm really inspired to finish it. I haven't finished as many as I'd like, but all the work done this year, will pay off next year when I pull them out again. Progress is progress, even if you don't get all the way to a finish.

    4. Ditto everyone above - just a little envious of all that space you have! 😘 I have always had trouble focusing on one project at a time - too many things I want to try! It's fun to get a peak at your different projects.

    5. AWESOME use of BROWN in those blocks! I'm hoping that your sister's quilt will see some action this month as the color is right for the RSC. Good luck!!

    6. Wow! You'd never realize that Em's quilt uses the same blocks as yours. That's what I love about quilting - all the possibilities! Glad you have found a spark of motivation :)

    7. Probably because we are enjoying a wonderful autumn weekend but the bowtie blocks are my favorites just now. Love the colors - all very warm and deep. So pretty!!

    8. You know I don't have a single design wall! But I don't envy you yours or hate you! To each his own, different strokes for different folks and all that, you know. Have fun!

    9. I wish I had one design wall. But you're right, cameras are indispensable. I use my iPad and can paste them right into my posts. Em's quilt is so musical and really something to jumpstart your thinking. Good luck. We all hit slow spots at times.

    10. Design walls are important! I love taking a moment in the morning, before leaving for work to stop in my sewing room and take it all in. Hopefully your mojo will return with all of that great stuff to look at! xoxo

    11. You sure look like you have a lot going on to me. Love them all.

    12. So many projects! I like the brown blocks best, I think.

    13. Four design walls... sigh...
      Warning - those BS blocks are really really hard to stop making! I have enough and I still catch myself starting to cut pieces for more!
      Love the bright colors of those blocks-in-progress! Can't wait to see where they take you!

    14. I think you have a great solution! visual stimulation always works for me! If I take something off my design wall, I always put the next thing up and I have room on the sides for a few extra blocks of whatever my fancy is at the moment. And I usually don't let things sit on the design wall very long because it just calls to me!

    15. I would like to claim your reds & blues 2

      Sheila Wagner

    16. Burgoyne Surrounded has always been on my list. No reason why I haven't made one. Must get busy. Thanks.

    17. I like your mountains block. It will make a lovely quilt...

    18. I love your bowtie blocks! I wish I had a design wall -- I have a design floor when my husband goes out of town because I take over his office!

    19. Somedays it is hard to find inspiration. I have a set of mountain blocks too and they really don't inspire me but would be a great charity quilt for a hospital or something. But do I do anything with them?? Not yet. Maybe looking at yours will get me thinking about mine! Hope you find a bunch of motivation to get working on one of these projects.

    20. Everything is looking good! Kudos to you for having so many projects going.

    21. Can't wait to see where you go with your majestic mountain blocks. I'm very jealous of your four design walls. They all look great with their various projects.

    22. Great projects! Your bow tie blocks inspired me! I was also crushing on your colorful blocks! Thank you so much for sharing!


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