Sunday, January 14, 2018

Oh Scrap! : More Blue Blocks

In between quilting up some finished quilt tops, I have been finding a few minutes here and there to sew up some blocks.

First up is another Burgoyne Surrounded block.  This makes a total of six completed.  I love the look of this block and am excited about seeing the finished quilt but I admit, with each block I make, I dislike all the cutting and piecing more and more. 

I am glad I decided to sew the blocks over a long period of time!

I also sewed up two blocks for the Squared Away Scrap Sampler.  I decided to make 10" blocks.  I adore this first block and really didn't want to stop at two.  You can find the instructions for the block here if you want to join in.


What have you been making with your scraps?  It is time to share!

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    1. Love that Burgoyne block! So beautiful. Those squared away blocks were very fun to make. I'm doing the 10 inch ones as well... and need to make one more of them today.

    2. Love your Squared Away blocks. Are you making an entire quilt with just this block? That would make a great quilt. ;^)

    3. I was just thinking the same thing about the Burgoyne blocks as I looked at your photo - a lot of cutting and piecing for one block! At least all those pieces turn into a big block! I think they will make a really interesting quilt! Pretty colors for your Squared Away blocks, too.

    4. How many of the Burgoyne blocks do you have to make? Or maybe I should many will you make?! It's going to be beautiful, but I think I would be frustrated after just one!

    5. That's a very pretty block, and I think it's worthy of your time! It will be gorgeous when it all comes together :)

    6. Beautiful Burgoyne Surrounded, how patient you are! I ove your blocks for Squared Sampler, gorgeous fabrics!

    7. Hi Cynthia!! I'm so looking forward to sharing my scrappy progress here this year! Thanks for the inspiration.

    8. Beautiful Squared Away blocks! And I really love the Burgoyne project. It's tedious, but it's going to be just gorgeous in the end. A few blocks a month is definitely the way to go with that one!

    9. You may dislike the cutting fit those blocks, oh the finished product!!!

    10. There certainly is a lot of cutting & piecing in the Burgoyne block, but it looks amazing!

    11. I love your scrappy 10" blocks, especially the one on the right. Great fabric choices!

    12. Squared Away blocks are super - a whole quilt using just this particular block would be fun.

    13. Very fun sampler blocks! I like your interpretation of the pattern, with a different fabric in the middle.

    14. I loved the squared away blocks too. Enjoy the sewing....

    15. Crossing my fingers, legs, and eyes, that I actually get out my scrap bag tonight and pull out blues!


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