Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A Gift for Me

It isn't very often that I splurge on something just for me.  But recently I bought Victoria Findlay Wolfe's book Playing with Purpose.

I am so happy I did!

The book is a hard back quilt retrospective of her work. The pages are filled with beautiful quilts constructed in unique ways using interesting colors and fabrics.  

I am also drawn to her concept of Playing with Purpose.  That has always been how I approach my quilting processes.  I am okay with producing less than desirable pieces because it fine tunes my style.  I love the successes and the failures (almost) equally.

Is there a book or quilt artist that you find inspiring?

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  1. that looks like a good book - I just got one by Yoko Saito and it looks lovely

  2. i like her double wedding ring book; i love DWR done traditionally but her use of fabrics intrigues me...would have liked to take her class but i think she only does 3-day workshops now...

  3. I have this book also, it is so interesting to see her older quilts and the story of how she began with quilting.
    The photography is beautiful and the quilt on the cover is mesmerising.

  4. To Cityquiltergrace - VFW now has an ONLINE DWR class for $78 (on demand, at your own pace, own forever).

  5. I have this book on my Wishlist - hoping someone sees it and gets it for me for Christmas. And that link to CT book sale - sheesh. My credit card wishes I hadn't seen that this morning (grin).

  6. For some reason, I don't find reading quilt books all that engaging. But this one does sound intriguing! I was struck by your words, "I am okay with producing less than desirable pieces because it fine tunes my style. I love the successes and the failures (almost) equally." I totally agree with this!! :)

  7. Un de mes livres préférés est celui de Jane Brocket : the gentle art of quilt making.
    Mais les blogs comme le vôtre sont aussi tellement inspirants !

  8. I recently read Victoria's book and enjoyed it. I was struck by how many different types of quilts she has made. Her work covers such a broad spectrum of styles. Love that sense of experimentation.


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