Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Too Tempting!

A few days ago, a client of mine brought me some leftover bits from a house quilt I quilted for her.

There were a bunch of triangles I think she trimmed for the roofs.  And then some 1.5" x 10" strips that had some crimped edges so I am thinking her pattern used a layer cake.

I tried very hard to just put these bits in a bag for later.  I have SO MANY quilts going on right now, I really need to focus on getting some finished.

But we all know where this is heading....

I sewed the triangles together into HSTs and trimmed them to a uniform 3".  Then I grouped them into fours and made these little blocks.

I then used those longer strips to border two edges of the blocks.  This is as far as I have gotten.

I was able to make 18 blocks which should be enough to make a small rectangular quilt if I put them on point.  I still have a few strips but not enough to frame the blocks entirely.

Hopefully now that I have these out f my system, maybe I can put them away from a bit.  All of my design walls are full right now.

Other people's scraps are just far too tempting!

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  1. Some bits and pieces are just too hard to resist. Don't ask me how I know.

  2. I know, right? What is it about other people's scraps?? These are super cute!

  3. Sometimes you just have to play! And those are such pretty, fresh colors - I can see why you were tempted!

  4. Boy, you’ve got that right! Last summer, a friend brought me a plastic grocery bag full of scraps and they consumed my whole summer! Planned projects were totally ignored!

  5. How could you not?! I would think there was something wrong with you if you didn't use those gorgeous scraps! I'll bet we'll see a finished top any day now!!

  6. I think it's good to go with inspiration when it strikes. I've done that a few times this year and I feel so much more productive than when I'm trying to keep up with so called planned projects.

  7. OPB - other people's blocks are what send me into a *squirrel* frenzy.

  8. Scraps from other people is still fresh fabric to play with! :]
    The blocks you've made are adorable!

  9. Nothing like scraps or blocks from someone else to get that creativity flowing, and forget about the 'to do' list! Lucky you!

  10. So much for having all of your Orphan Blocks used up, Cynthia!! THAT didn't last long. :P


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