Monday, October 21, 2019

Design Wall Monday

I seem to have finally gotten over my impulsive quilt starting phase and am now feeling motivated to finish up some projects.  So that means a lot of my design walls are empty right now.  So I spent a bit of time moving around some blocks on my design walls.  
I thought I would share some photos.

In my sewing room, I have all of the blocks completed for this Kaffe quilt finished.  I just need to work on the final layout and sew it up.

On the other wall, is the RSC color block quilt.  I was hoping to finish up the last two blocks last night and start sewing the top together, but I was easily pulled away to go have dinner with friends.

With two finishes in the near future, I need to start thinking about some backing pieces.  Conveniently, I see Connecting Threads is celebrating their 25th Anniversary with $25 off.  
Isn't that perfect timing!

 In my quilting studio, I have this RSC project up.  I am not very excited about this one but am not quite ready to give up on it.  If I have to stare at it as I quilt, maybe I will come up with some layout ideas.  Right now, I am ready to hand them off to someone else!

I also put up the blocks for this little quilt I made from some gifted leftovers.  I need to ponder what the next steps are and decide on a background fabric.

And then there are these RSC garlic knots.  This project will be continuing on into next year, so there will not be any progress on it until 2020.

So I might be starting two or three new RSC blocks for next year. 
 I need to start thinking about what  designs I want to make!

Connecting Threads Anniversary Sale.

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  1. You are making so many beautiful projects...[I have been in a kind of
    funky fog and cannot seem to get motivated] that KF one especially...hugs, Julierose

  2. On the Bright Hopes blocks, why don't you try setting them so the dark parts make a chain and the lights sides should too. I would like to see how that looks. The Kaffe blocks look like fun, going to be a cheery quilt! Happy Stitching!

  3. Love the Kaffe blocks. It's like looking through windows onto a lovely fall forest. I enjoy seeing how you manage several different projects at once. While I have tons of ideas, I don't usually have that many in the works at once. Once I get to the block stage I tend to compulsively keep going till I have a finished top. Quilting and binding are another mater all together though. Have fun working on all of your projects.

  4. ALL of those projects are AWESOME!!! Bright Hopes included.

  5. I like all the projects, even the Bright Hopes has possibilities.

  6. It goes without saying that I love your Kaffe blocks, your RSC colour block makes me think of a giant postage stamp block, it's beautiful. I really can't get my head around the fact that you not only have these two mentioned but another three being worked on !


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