Thursday, March 26, 2020

Learn Something New

Are you finding yourself stuck at home and running out of things to keep your mind and family busy?

BluPrint has created a Creativity Care Package to help you stay healthy and productive at home during this unprecedented time.  There are lots of quilting classes but there are also lots of craft classes to help families make the most of their time together.

Creativity Care Package Offer Details

  • Craft More Happy Moments with our FREE Creativity Care Package 3/26-4/9/20! Watch over 1,300 creative education classes ranging from sewing, cooking, family crafts, and more!
  • While no credit card is required to take part, we do ask people to create a registration to view content.
  • Coupon code: None needed
  • Duration: 3/26/20 - 4/9/20

***This post contains affiliate links.  I appreciate the support!



Cheryll said...

Thanks... & stay safe...xox

Chantal said...

Thanks. I'll check it out for sure. ;^)

Louise said...

Oh, and me without enough bandwidth to watch long videos!! I'll just have to hope that folks taking these free classes will be inspired to write about them :)

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