Sunday, May 24, 2020

Oh Scrap! : RSC Blocks

This week I focused on tidying up my sewing room.  I had reached the point where there was very little working space on both my ironing board and cutting table.
Fabric and scraps were piled everywhere!

As I was cleaning, I did get all the pieces cut for the three blocks for one of my Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilts.  Once I get the pieces cut and laid out on a design board, the sewing goes really quickly.

The rest of my blocks were buried on my ironing board so once I pulled them out, I put them all up on one of my design walls.  It appears I already made some green blocks....boy do I need more warm colors!

Now that my sewing space is all tidy, I might just have to celebrate with a new start (or more).  With all my scraps and fabric in their homes, I know I have more than enough for MANY more quilts.

I hope you share what you are sewing!


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  1. Looking good, Cynthia! Speaking of "many more quilts" worth of scraps in your stash... I recently came across a post from someone who used scraps from JUST ONE gallon sized bag to make a large lap quilt. I was blown away by the potential quilts sitting beneath my cutting table!!! Time to go sew...

  2. I can hardly believe what you say in the first paragraph of this post. No! Really? You are such a prolific quilter that I imagine your sewing room to always be in order so you can find your things quickly and just sew. I guess we are all the same. :^D I'm with you on the colour choice for next month; we need more warmth. ;^)

  3. sometimes we just have to take the time to clean the room -i was doing a little of that yesterday and now my table is full again!

  4. It's amazing what we find when we clean up a little! I think you are well on your way to finishing this quilt top, especially with it up on the design wall. I spent part of a day organizing my solids because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to sew. It's a good alternative when I'm not feeling creative!

  5. Those blocks are looking great together! You're right - the warm color blocks will really add a lot. Are you gardening today? Enjoy!

  6. We must have been together in spirit. I was cleaning off my cutting mat and ironing board last week too!

  7. Cynthia your blocks are so pretty!!! Imagine them on a bed!

  8. You have a nice mix of fabrics going on with this one, Cynthia. I especially love the low volume background prints (is that still what we're calling them this year? LOL!) Very soothing effect overall -- cheerful but serene.

  9. Good for your clean up. Now if a little clean upping will rub off on me!

  10. I just love your RSC blocks. It’s amazing how a simple block can make such an impact!

  11. Cleaning up scraps seems to be a classic quarantine activity. It's nice to wrestle a little tidiness from the creative process :)

  12. Your RSC blocks are looking good. I'm looking forward to adding some warm colours to our rather cool rainbows too.


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