Friday, December 18, 2020

A Blue Finish

 I started noticing this summer that my blue scrap bin was nearing maximum capacity.  Of course I ignored it.  So when I got it out this fall, all of the scraps that I have been carefully tucking in would not go back into the bin.  I had to make a few quilts!

A lot of the scraps were fairly large and chunky - so I thought I would use my Well-Suited Scrap Mixology pattern to make a blue and white quilt.  I have been wanting to play with the "woven" layout with a flying geese center - I think it turned out wonderfully!

The entire quilt top came out of the scrap bins.  For this quilt, I focused on navy blues, lighter powder blues and periwinkle.  The low volumes also came out of the scraps - keeping to those scraps either white or gray in color.

I decided to group the lighter blocks all toward the center.

I think of this as a very utilitarian quilt so I want it to be used - I quilted it with swirls in a white thread.  This quilt is ready for some heavy duty use!

On the back, I used a "beaded" blue fabric I picked up out of Connecting Threads sale section a few months back.  It was perfect for this quilt!

I am using this same block pattern  ( with a minor modification) for one of my 2021 RSC quilts.  

Because of the color placement within the block, these two quilts will look very different.  That is the fun part of becoming a Scrap Mixologist!

Same block - so many quilts...

If you want to read more about my Scrap Mixology patterns, you can go here.  I am hoping to release the third module in early 2021.  So stay tuned!

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  1. A blue and white scrap quilt is first on my list for the new year!

  2. Who doesn't love a blue and white quilt. Fabulous!

  3. Beautiful! I’ll be eager to watch your 2021 RSC quilt grow!


  4. Ah, yes, you are a Master Scrap Mixologist!

  5. This is gorgeous, Cynthia! I can't believe you just pulled it out of your scrap bin, so to speak. There's so much depth and interest from the variety of shades from the dark and inky blues to the lighter shades. I agree with Cathy; you're the Scrap Master for sure!

  6. Love the blue quilt. It was a wonderful use of blue scraps.

  7. Beautiful blue quilt Cynthia and an interesting take with your new mix!

  8. That is really beautiful! I like your design with the lighter blues in the center!

  9. Love all these pure blues! Beautiful finish!

  10. That is too funny - once the blue was released... it refused to be contained again... LOVE this quilt - it is so pretty !!

  11. that looks very nice and I understand the stuffed drawers myself


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