Friday, July 23, 2021

A Parade of Quilts

 I was all prepared to share my Bee Grateful quilt from a shortcut pattern through the Fat Quarter Shop.  But the fabric for the kit still has not arrive for them to sell so they are holding off on sharing all the quilts.  So I thought I would take this opportunity to share a few photos sent to me by quilters who have used my patterns.

Above are a couple of quilt photos that were included with pattern reviews from Etsy buyers.  These quilts were made using my Wiggle Time pattern.  I always enjoy seeing what colors and fabrics are used in these quilts!

Judy over at Busy Hands are Happy Hands has made a couple quilts using Wiggle Time.  I really liked this one.  On the second wiggle, you can see she did a bit of fussy cutting.

Judy also shared her Geese Migration quilt top on her blog.  Isn't it amazing?!
She did a fantastic job on her colorwork.

If you have purchased one of my patterns and have made a quilt, I love to see photos!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. I love parade of quilts and this is a beautiful one. Thanks for sharing. ;^)

  2. Great parade of quilts. It must be gratifying to see your patterns made by other quilters.

  3. Thank you for the kind words! I have enjoyed making Wiggle Time and Geese Migration! “Rainbow Geese” will be going to the quilter mid-week! Then I’ll bind it and it will be ready for our local quilt show! Thanks again for some great patterns!

  4. Thanks for sharing Judy's quilts here on the blog, Cynthia. Those turned out great! I'm looking forward to trying both of those patterns soon.

  5. I bet it is so fun to see your patterns envisioned in others' colors!


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