Friday, September 9, 2022

UFO Finish

 Last December, a friend and I decided to have a UFO challenge in 2022.  We chose 12 UFOs and decided that every month we would draw a number and try and finish that project.

I was doing great until June hit and my life got busy.

The June project was to make a quilt to use up more of this neutral fabric stack.  Normally I don't put an unstarted quilt on my UFO list.  But these fabrics don't fit in my stash very well so I felt making a quilt from these leftovers would be the best option.

Use up as much as I can!

I decided to make these churn dash variation blocks.  I am sure they have a name but I don't know what they are called.  I just know they were fast and easy to make.

The blocks have been finished for a few weeks but I didn't know how I wanted to finish it off.  Once I got all the sashing on, I couldn't decide if I wanted a border.  It would have to be a scrappy border because I was out of big pieces of yardage.

I finally decided to just quilt it up as is and call it finished!  I have had a backing for this quilt for years.  I have no idea where it came from - I don't remember buying it either.

I just know it is cute and worked great on the back.

The first quilt I made with these fabrics was this one.  I think I made it in 2013.

I also made this strata quilt from the leftovers in 2017.

I don't know why I bought so much fabric in these colors.  I must have really liked them at one time. I still had quite a bit of fabric leftover but I decided to finally just stick it in the stash.  

So June's UFO is finally finished, and I am now moving onto July's.  It is my kitchen valiances.  I did go out and buy all the hardware so this one should get finished soon too.

Yay for me!


Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

What a fun backing print for the quilt. I think you are making great progress on the UFO list for the year, and I hear you about life getting busy in June. I keep telling myself things will settle again at some point. I bet you are excited to finish up your kitchen valences!

MissPat said...

I don't know how many times I've been pawing (well searching) through my stash and picked up a fabric I wondered why I ever bought. And then there are fabrics that are too pretty to cut up. I need to get over that feeling and start using it. And I laughed that you are just getting to your July UFO for your challenge. I missed a few months for RSC and just decided to skip over them for now instead of trying to catch up. Maybe with cooler weather coming, we'll both make some progress.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

You really must have had a lot of that fabric! It has made three beautiful quilts, and they all have that warm, cozy, calm feeling about them. And perfect backing fabric, too - I really love that one!

Cathy said...

Your churn dash quilt is a stunner, whether it was the first quilt or the third out of those fabrics. It’s actually pretty remarkable the design mileage and variation you got from them. Beautiful work, Cynthia!

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Cynthia, what a lovely quilt. I think that just finishing it without an extra border was a good idea. It looks great. Isn't it crazy how our tastes change over the years? They are not my colours but neutrals do make classy quilts!

Nancy said...

This is a great quilt. I don't often use neutrals in the white to black range but this gives me a new appreciation for the possibilities. I love the backing you used!

tubakk said...

A lovely quilt, and a lovely story. I can see that this isn't your colours. But sometimes we have to try something outside our comfort zone. I've sometimes noticed that other people love other colours than me! Funny, heh?

Julie in GA said...

Great looking quilt! I love the Churn Dash variation blocks, and the backing fabric is perfection! I liked seeing the three very different quilts you made with those fabrics.

Michelle said...

Absolutely gorgeous finish!

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