Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Sassy Quilt Along

Have you heard that Paula over at the The Sassy Quilter is hosting a Triangle Quilt Along? Ever since I saw the first announcement, I have been telling myself I have too many things going on right now.  
Well, if you know me at all, you know where this is going!

As I was pulling some fabrics for an upcoming giveaway I will be having in a couple of days, I kept tripping over a bag of fabrics.  After about the third time I kicked it out of the way I finally picked it up to see which project it was.  As soon as I realized it was just a bag of leftover fabric from a finished quilt, I knew I was going to be joining in and these are the fabrics I am going to use.

I will need to probably find a few more orchids from my stash but these colors should do nicely.

Love it when the fabrics come together like this!


So are you joining in?  There is still time to get your fabrics together and get signed up.  If you want to see what fabrics others are sewing with check out their links here.   Hope to see you there!


Barbe said...

i don't need another project either but a triangle quilt like in the quilt along is on my bucket list and i have a roll of kaffe that i wanted to do it in so i had no choice lol when fabrics speak we listen, see you there

Terri said...

You must have a stash shopping elf that left that bag full for you! How lucky.

Paula@TheSassyQuilter said...

Yay! Glad you are in:) those leftovers will be perfect!

Barb Neiwert said...

This QAL is proof positive that I definitely have a quilty problem. I haven't finished up my March Goodness Scrappy Quilt, and now I'm starting another. I think I'm in a race with myself to see how many quilts I can piece this year. And quilt. And bind. And find a good home! At least this keeps me off the streets....

Richard Healey said...

Nice fabric choice

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