Friday, March 14, 2014

Quilty Randomness

While cleaning out the fabric closet, I came across my bag of flannel scraps.  I don't often use flannel and I have decided I really don't need to save flannel in my stash.  So out it went....but not before I made this final baby quilt.  (Boy, do I have a hard time letting fabric go!)

I also finished up this cute quilt made from my Tangerine Dreams pattern that was published in Quilty magazine (Sept/Oct 2013).  I recently taught a class on the pattern and made this as another sample.

It is always fun to see what fabric and color choices other quilters use for my patterns.
It was a fun day of new friends and sewing!  If you are in the Eugene/Springfield area, I will be teaching this class again soon.  You can also see what else I am teaching by going to my classes page above.


  1. Oh, I think you need to come to Patchwork in the Peaks & demo something. Anything at all. And I'll take that bag of flannel scraps too. :-) btw, I love that blue version of TD. Sweet quilt!

  2. I think as quilters we all have a hard time letting go of those precious scraps! I admit, I tossed a bunch the other day and it felt good! Until I started a scrapy project and wished I hadn't done that!

  3. Wow, great work and such a cute baby quilt at that! :)

  4. That is a great pattern, Cynthia! What a sweet flannel quilt too!

  5. Beautiful quilts and what a great use of scraps! I love all the different ones from your class. I hate throwing away anything, but I don't mind sharing or donating so I do that when I can.

  6. Lovely quilts Cynthia! I also have a pile of flannel that I need to use! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Thank you for linking up to Fabric Frenzy Friday!
    Fabric Frenzy Friday

  7. visiting from fairy face designs. Love the photos, it really shows how you did the class.

  8. Love that Tangerine Dreams pattern, its great.


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