Thursday, July 10, 2014

The House(s) that Love Built

Every month I sew with 12 amazing women.  And every time we get together, we make a quilt to be donated to a local organization.  A few month ago, we decided to make a quilt for Habitat for Humanity.  A home was to be presented to a family and what new home doesn't need a new quilt!

Before getting together, everyone was told to find a house block pattern and bring scraps in reds, periwinkle, black and lime green.  I thought I would share the fun blocks that were made.

The one requirement was that you had to use the circle fabric in the main part of this house somewhere in your block. This little trick gives all the blocks a cohesive look.

This big manor house even came with a door mat.  I just had to quilt the word "Welcome" on it.

These four houses were mine.  I think it is always fun to adjust the scale on a few blocks to keep it interesting!

A cute house block made from a wonky log cabin.  How fun is that!

The details on this house were all carefully folded under and top stitched.  More patience than I have!

And this house has a herd of wiener dogs all wearing sweaters running through the second floor.  Yikes!  I do love the fence and flowers though.

In this house, a pretty bird sit singing in the window.

And every neighborhood needs a chalet. This block was paper-pieced I believe.

Here is one from the mid-century.  She used the circle fabric as clouds and shrubs.  Brilliant!

Finally these ladies are no longer afraid of mixing prints in their blocks! I have converted almost all of them to scrappy quilters.

It was amazing to me that no one had the same idea for a block.

This one reminds me of the homes built in the seventies.  Split level any one?

And here it is in all of its glory!  We wish the very best to that family as they build a new life in their new home!

Do you have people you get to sew with?  I admit, I look forward to it every month!  I am so blessed to call all these generous and talented quilters my friends.

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  1. What an awesome quilt and such worthy work! Thank you for sharing your quilting love on TGIFF! So inspiring!

  2. Cute house blocks and so bright and cheery! I love all the little special touches on the homes.

  3. That is a beautiful quilt! So bright and colorful! I have a lovely group of quilting friends that I meet with every month. We call ourselves "The Strippers" because we started out making quilts for each other in 60 inch wide strips. This is long before I had ever heard of bees or Swaps. We are just friends who love to quilt and share our projects with each other, not a special guild or anything. We have made several quilts for charity, too. Loved hearing about your group and seeing one of your quilts!

  4. I love this quilt! I love all the different houses, but I think the chalet is my favorite. I'm pinning this to my Quilts board!

    Navy Wifey Peters @

  5. Such a neat tip to include the same fabric in every block. Without knowing it, you wouldn't realize it was made by so many women. This looks great!

  6. Wow! I love the brightness and cheerfulness and hopefulness of this quilt! thank you for the tip about having one feature fabric that all have to use in their block. It really does give a cohesive look! Great job!

  7. I too love the "same fabric" tip. What is it about house quilts that is so irresistible?? This one is so fun. I bet it was fun to quilt!

    1. Returned to take a closer look at the quilting. :)

  8. I love those little houses...all of them! How fun to get together with a group of ladies and quilt! and then to make a quilt for donation...fabulous!

  9. It's neat that no two ladies had the same idea. :) I used to have quilting friends nearby, before we all scattered to the winds, and we'd get together to sew. Someday I hope to be a part of a group like that again. It was super fun. How sweet of you ladies!

  10. That is simply the BQE (Best Quilt Ever)!!! Adorable. And what a fun time to spend with your friends and catch up.

  11. That is adorable!!! And wow!! so special ;-)

  12. Rosemary b here:
    Well, this is really a treasure.
    I do not get to sew with anyone. Ever. Just me, the catboys and hubbs. :-(
    but I hope that will change once I get my 91 year old, oldsters into Ashby Ponds, the retirement extravaganza community here in No Va. They will be close by but I will not worry any more about them. They will be fenced in hahahahaha well not really.
    and I might be able to somehow be involved in some of the clubs that involve sewing....
    not sure. I might be too young and they will give me the boot.
    Love this quilt!

  13. That is one fab group! I really like your idea of coming together to complete a quilt for a cause and the new home was the most perfect theme. I am sure the recipients will feel the love that is sewn in to every seam. Blessings to you all...................

  14. Very cute quilt! Love all the details you put into this quilt!

  15. Such a thoughtful group you work with. I am sure the new owners of that lovely quilt will proudly display if for years to come.

  16. What a great idea! I might have to borrow your idea and get some friend to make some house blocks. As for quilting with friends, it is hard for me because I work and most of the quilting groups in my town stitch together on weekdays. I have recently met a new friend who has a similar working schedule as I do and we have gotten together two times to quilt and one time to attend our local quilt show. It is great fun to have a friend who shares my hobby or obsession!

  17. I LOVE that quilt! What a noble use of your time and talents. It is so much fun to quilt with a friends or several. I miss that these past couple of years, still haven't found anyone, partly my fault. Got invited to one second Wed of the month group through our local guild I joined last year, but keep forgetting to go!

  18. This is a darling quilt, Cynthia! The sashing color and the border fabric are perfect. I like your idea of changing the scale to add more interest. And that's a great idea to have every block use the same fabric to tie it together. The family that receives this quilt will love it, especially knowing that it was made by hand from people who care. Hooray for you and your friends.

    Leslie S. in MN

  19. An Amazing quilt that I'm sure will be well loved xx

  20. Fantastic work everyone! It looks just awesome!

  21. Lovely quilt and for a great cause!

  22. Wonky house are so lively and fun. Your house a delightful and full of life. Great colors.


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