Thursday, February 19, 2015

Needs a Bit of Planning

I finally finished another block for my Basketweave Braid quilt.  After quilting all day at my longarm machine, I find paper-piecing a bit too tough to tackle at night so I don't get the opportunity to work on them much.  Add the fact there is a number of pieces to each block, this project is going to take a while to finish!

This brings the total paper-pieced blocks up to a whopping four.  I have been thinking lately how I want to use these blocks.  I know I don't have the attention span to make enough blocks to cover an entire quilt so various layouts have been running though my head.

 I still haven't decided whether to use the block I made with a fun striped fabric.  The colors are perfect but I am not convinced I like it with the pieced blocks.

 Right now I have the blocks laid out on my design wall on point.  I am sure they will get moved around quite a bit over the weekend as I contemplate their destiny.  There are probably at least four more blocks to sew up, but because these blocks are so time consuming, I certainly don't want to be sewing up any that won't work in the quilt!  So I need a plan before I go much further!

How about it, got any brilliant ideas?

BTW - The Basketweave Star block is a free pattern on Craftsy by The ADD Crafter. It is a great way to use up tiny scraps!

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Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I like them on point and the center block with the stripe fabric works well in the middle. Viewed on its own I wasn't sure, but I like the arrangement you have. Adding in 4 more pieced blocks could work great - I would probably put the 4 new block in close and then have them offset in negative space... Just an idea.

Jayne said...

Gorgeous! Stunning block! You are on the right track and I cannot wait to see more!

Lara B. said...

Those blocks are each so beautiful Cyndy... The colors are fantastic! You are doing and excellent job with them! The striped block looks great in the center like that.

Rike Busch said...

I think like Yvonne. If you will do some more striped blocks and ssurroundevery single one with the others (I really love them , I think it woll work
Greetings, Rike

Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

LOL, I looked at your design wall, came up with an idea and then read Yvonne's post. . . what Yvonne said! I think 9 blocks offset in a lot of negative space will look fabulous! :)

lalaluu said...

I love the blue to green transitioning blocks. So cool!

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