Friday, July 24, 2015

I Can Finish That!

Every quilter seems to reach the point where their storage space for fabric just doesn't work for them and it is time to make an adjustment.  Recently, a friend of mine reached this point and as she organized her fabric in her new space, she reevaluated all of her fabric and her half done projects.

One project she had been storing for quite some time was a string quilt she started years ago.  She offered me the 13 blocks she had sewn and all the fabric - of course my response was 
"Heck Yeah -  I can finish that!"

I love to sew string quilts.  I think it is the fact that you don't need to be that accurate and you can sew at top speed!  So I find them to be a great stress relief after a busy day.  When I sew up string blocks, I either chain sew a bunch of them at once or I use them as a leader/ender so before I know it, the blocks seem to finish themselves.

String quilts are one of my Scrap-A-Palooza quilts.  You can see how I construct my blocks here.  I love to use a foundation fabric so I don't have to deal with the mess of paper. 

There was even enough fabric from my friend for a backing.  Some simple stippling for the quilting and this was one quick finish!

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  1. cool! love the colors ... it is time to bust into my scrap heap and whip one up ... I like fabric foundations too ... (another use for scraps)

  2. Love it! I want to make one, too - even more so, now that I see yours...

  3. Great quilt. I think a string quilt will be going on my to do list

  4. Great finish! Glad you friend ufo found such a good home

  5. Awesome! I love how the quilting community can take one person's WIP and turn it into a fantastic finish! Will you donate or give it back to your friend or try to sell it?

  6. Oh this turned out terrifical!
    I think I should send you all of my unfinished stuff.
    Looking for a box right now
    hahaha just kidding

  7. Love your finish and thanks for the links. (I checked out both) As you know, my little red buckets are beginning to overflow with I have a question that may show my inexperience...but WHY not just sew the strips together and then square them up to the size you want???

  8. Oh and what a lovely finish too! But I know how your friend feels when she'd got to the point of being done with it - sometimes give it away and move on is a win win!!

  9. Oh between you and Diann, you make me want to do another one! Love them, and you're so right, stress-free sewing and easing stipple-type quilting leads to some pretty much instant gratification.

  10. Awesome finish! I love how the meandering quilting makes it look so cosy.


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