Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring 2016 Quilty Orphan Adoption Event Link Up

Quilting is more fun than Housework
Can you imagine how many projects are tucked away in cupboards just waiting to be finished?!  I know there are quite a few in just my sewing room alone.  Many of these projects are no longer loved and the initial enthusiasm to finish them is gone.  The intent is there to complete it someday but in all likelihood, they may never get finished.

It is time to be honest with ourselves and get those projects out of our drawers and into the hands of someone that will finish them! 

This Quilty Orphan Adoption event helps in getting those projects to quilters that will finish them and give them some much deserved attention.
...And I can say from experience, it feels great to release the burden and move onto something you really want to work on!

Orphan Adoption Event
March 18th, 2016 through March 20th, 2016

Here are some more details:

1.  I am going to ask that any "orphan" linked up must be given away for free.  (If you are wanting to destash for money, there are other venues to do that on.)  I think it is fair that if you need to, you can ask that shipping costs be paid.  Just be sure and put that information clearly in your post.  And know that both parties enter into the deal at their own risk.  I hold no responsibility.

2. Have clear pictures and descriptions on what you are putting up for adoption.

3. Define the criteria for how you will decide who will adopt the item.  Is it a random number giveaway, do you only want it to go to charity, or is there some other criteria that needs to be met?

4.  Be sure and identify where you are located and where you are willing to ship to.

5. Define how long you are keeping the adoption open and when you expect to award the adoption.

6. Remember to link back to my blog so your readers can see what else is being offered.  And feel free to grab a button!

The ability to link up your blog, Instagram, Flickr, or Facebook post will be open through Sunday March 20th.  You can award your adoption on any date you choose after the 20th.  Feel free to offer as little or as much as you want.  It can be blocks, books/patterns, kits, printed panels, fabric, anything that you hope someone else will use and you wish to get rid of the burden.

As a thank you for participating and linking up a project, I will put your name in a hat for this colorful fat quarter bundle of AMB solids  To those linking up from outside the US, due to shipping costs, I may not be able to send the fabric but I would be happy to send you any of my digital patterns.

****Congrats to Val for winning the fabric bundle****

So go look on those shelves and those deep dark corners in your sewing room and see what you have to clean out and move on.  I am sure there will be someone who is more than willing to adopt what you have to offer and get it finished!


And if you are looking to adopt a project, please read each blog and be sure you only offer to adopt those orphans you know you can finish.  The object of this event is to get these things finished, not just stored on another shelf.  Thanks! 


Val's Quilting Studio said...

Thanks for organizing this even for us!

Heidi said...

Ditto Cynthia, Thank you for hosting!

Anonymous said...

That was fun just to go and see what people have on offer. If I'd realized in advance it was coming up, I would probably have found something to pass along! As it was, I found plenty to wish for, including yours. Thanks!

Beth J said...

I was just reading some quilting blogs and found yours. It made me think of a few projects to pass along. Neat idea.

Mary R. said...

What a great idea! I hope lots of projects find new homes.

Preeti said...

Cynthia, thank you for hosting this orphan adoption event. And also thank you for your kind comment on my American Hustle :-)

Katie said...

I missed the link up on this one because I was sick this last weekend but I do have 2 great projects and a large group of scraps that are looking for new homes -- check out the link here

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Hey ! Hey ! I'm sooo excited!! THANKS Cynthia!!

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