Sunday, April 10, 2016

Oh Scrap! : RSC16 Blocks

The scraps have been flying in my sewing room this weekend!  One of the many things I accomplished are my blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Two more chain blocks in orange for the month of April. 

 I put them with all of the previous blocks I have made and was just not in love with what I was seeing.  And when I don't like how my blocks are turning out, I usually do one of two things.  I either start slicing...

...or I put a frame on them. 

My blocks now look like this.  I think it is an improvement but who knows, maybe next month I will take my rotary cutter to them.

The other block I was making for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge was the pig block.  I love these little oinkers but I have no idea what I am going to do with them.  Do I really want to keep making them? 

 I needed some help deciding so I thought...What would Gayle do?....

...and I made an orange pig! 

Let's see what scrappy items you have been working on!

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So Scrappy for RSC16


  1. What would Gayle do? You don't want to ask that because I would buy more orange fabric and make a dozenty more piggies. Because orange and piggies? How will I be able to stop?!?

  2. Oh, and orange fabric with real oranges?!? Where can I get some?!?

  3. It's always best to follow the ideas of a leading pork producer!

  4. Definitely make more pigs. Love the orange orange pig.

  5. I liked the Chain blocks, but the look even better with their new borders. Nice work!!

  6. The frame around the chain blocks made it look better!

  7. Your orange orange piglet is so sweet. We have to arrange a meeting to find out what to do with these cute piglets at the end of the year.

  8. This is such a true orange piglet! The veg and fruit fabric selection is enormous these days.

  9. The pig made of oranges is so perfect! You'll be starting a run on orange fabric! I like those chain blocks, too. It's been fun to see how people's ideas are changing as the blocks are added.

  10. I really like the borders on the chain blocks!

  11. I like the border on the blocks. What a difference it makes.

  12. the orange pig makes me think of the phrase, you are what you eat!

  13. Og YOur pig makes my day!!!! THANKS for that smile! I also love the thought of taking your rotary cutter to them all....crazy fun!! LOL!!

  14. Cute orange piggy. I really like your framed blocks.

  15. It's been fun to see each month's pig come together, they are so cute. Framing the blocks worked really well. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them next, though I really like them as they are.

  16. The borders made a huge difference. There's a subtle rainbow effect without the borders that I really like too. It will be interesting to see where this ends up! :) Thanks for linking to MCM.


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